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Addicted to Percocet

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 2 years ago, and the fist thing my "FORMER" Dr did was wash his hands of me and sent me to pain management.  I have now been on 5.35 MG of Percocet, 3 times a day, for 1 1/2 years.  It no longer takes the pain away, just the edge and I'm afraid they will either add another dose or go up on the strength.
I went away for a long weekend and forgot my RX at home and needless to say, the vacation was AWFUL! I was shaking uncontrollably, nauseous and vomiting, horrible headache, and severe anxiety.
I so badly want off of this medication if THIS is what my body does by not having it!  Does this mean I am addicted now to this medicine? I am truly terrified now and need some guidance in what to do
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Hi, welcome here :)

You became dependent on the percocet and you experienced the normal symptoms when detoxing from it but it doesn't mean that you are addicted to it... you can only answer this question... did you abuse the med? did you  use to self medicate a depression, anxiety, whatever? etc etc...

Besides, i congratulate you for wanting to deal your fibromyalgia on your terms and without addicting meds.. try a natural approach before taking opioids. I know it won't be easy but you deserve a try. Good luck :)
i have found these pages ...


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Thank you for the welcome, and no, up to this point, I have not abused the med or tried to self medicate, but the thought is always there especially when the pain is greater than the meds can handle.
I am looking into natural alternatives, just scared about the withdraws from the pain meds and being able to deal with the pain on my own.
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don't feel scared.... i know it won't be easy but you will pull through it...you are trying a new approach and you will learn a lot meanwhile about yourself and about new ways on dealing with fibro... maybe join some group also, don't isolate yourself now...

and as for the wds,  try some mineral supplements, they will help with muscle pain ( magnesium+calcium, potassium... bananas, tonic water will also  help with your muscles cause it has quinine on it, i would think), hot baths with epsom salts will soothe your muscles... keep hydrated.. drink lots of fluids ( gatorade, apple/tomato/orange juice, green tea...whatever but those are good :)... Hylands restful legs for the restlessness legs symdrom at nights, immodium for diahrrea, advil... some old fashioned chicken soup ( lots of proteins on it ) ... and keep posting, please... we will help as much as we can
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You're not "addicted", you're dependent.  While there are some similarities, there are also some pretty big differences.  

Being dependent means your body is used to the substance, and you will go into w/ds if you stop taking it (as you found out the hard way).  Being addicted involves more of a complex mental/emotional attachment that includes cravings, taking more than Rx'ed, and doing things out of character, regardless of the consequences, to obtain the substance.  

You have a chronic condition that IS a lot about managing pain.  While there are down sides to opiates (ie tolerance and dependency), sometimes they are necessary in treating chronic pain conditions, just keep that in mind.  

It's perfectly fine to want to reevaluate your need for an opiate, do so with your doctor.  Tell him you would like to not be as reliant on them.  IF you could get away with only having to take a pain medication as needed, not every day regularly, you wouldn't have the tolerance and dependency issues, therefore maybe you could find a non-habit forming med regimen to regulate your pain, and only take the opiates when the pain is very bad.  

Whatever you do, definitely discuss this with your doctor.  If you decide you want to come off completely, ask for directions for a gradual taper.  There still may be some w/d symptoms, but with a proper taper, you can minimize them to an extent.

I can understand that what you went through was scary when you were out of town, I just wouldn't want you to make a hasty decision about your Percocet based on that, when you DO have a chronic pain condition.  There are always options, and you don't have to make any decisions in a hurry.  Very best to you, let us know what the doc says!
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How are you doing ? :)
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