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I came across this forum and thought it might be a good place to get some insight into addiction in the community.  I am a parent of two children who just bought a house in a neighbourhood with many addicts. There is a needle drop box just across the street.  Ladies prostitute themselves on my street when I walk my kids to school and shoot up at night in the children's park across from my house. Maybe it's just me but I feel that walking around like a zombie and prostituting yourself are anti social behaviour and do damage to the community.  

The only response I have come up with so far is to call the police but I doubt this is a very effective and mostly just feels like a game of cat and mouse.  I know some of the local shelters now advocate "harm reduction" strategies and actually distribute needles to people at night but I have a hard time seeing how a healthy community can coexist with addiction and I feel at a loss as to how to help.  What can I do if anything to help these people get their lives in order and help them to become conscious that there behaviour does damage to others besides themselves?  Should I hand out pamphlets for NA or some other organization?  Should I try to talk to them about their problems even when they seem out of it?  Should I just continue to call the police?
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If I had 2 children, I would move as fast as I could.
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I doubt very much that you can do anything. People will do what they want to do and they have that right if they aren't hurting anyone. If you DO feel hurt by someone's personal behaviour then you may need to do a few things to help yourself.

This particular forum is for addicts/substance abusers who want to stop abusing.
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IF it was my house~ I'd keep calling the police when you see wrong being done. Then I'd stop all.concern for these addicts and worry about my own 2 kids...and get them OUT of that neighborhood.
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