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Addiction specialist

Hey guys, how do you go about finding an addiction specialist?  I can't take being an addict any longer.  I've gotten clean before but I always relapse.  I need to find someone to go to.  My insurance doesn't cover it but I'm just going to have to use a credit card.  I'm so hungover right now and hate myself.  I'm also addicted to DXM which is over the counter so I have a hard time stopping.  I have to do something different this time.
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Check with your County, there are more and more gov. programs that provide addiction therapy. I'm in a rural are of North Cali, I see you're in Oregon, County programs are about all that is available in The State of Jefferson. I found that the people in addiction therapy are sincere, even if it's gov. sponsored. I would definitely suggest finding someone to talk to. Good luck.
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try to do what works for you an adiction therapist is a good start and just remember quitting is easy staying quit is the hard work ok :)
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Google it...lol. I put Addiction specialist and my city and state...Bam!! 2 pages of Drs. I live in a large city though. Its a start...good luck!
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