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Does anyone know how to get off Red Dawn Sleep Walker pills? They are a over the counter replacement for street drugs. I have a friend that is hooked on them and needs to get off them. They cost almost two dollars a pill and seem to be very addictive for some people.
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I've read that these things contain a drug called phenibut. I was addicted to the stuff for years along with other drugs that affect Gaba receptors.  The problem I ran in to was that no doctors could help because they did not know anything about the stuff. I used RelaxAll with Phenibut - a milder product from the Vitamin Shoppe to wean down then found the prescription drug baclofen to help as well.  Please understand that I have No medical training. This is only a tale of my own experience with drugs I THINK are similar. Hopefully this can a least give you a
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Sorry...a place to start researching a way out. Good luck and God Bless.
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Hi There- Could you tell us more about him or could he or she post here?
Does he want to stop? Has he tried?  

Probably the best way to stop this is to taper off. The wd's  are similar to caffeine wd's.
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Yes she wants to quit but it's very hard for her. She was addicted to prescription pain pills and is an alcoholic but she is in a recovery program and has been clean for over 2 years. I know she's clean because she's drug tested 3 or 4 times a week.
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I have found several references to ingredients and here they are:
Vitamin B-1
Vitamin B-2
Vitamin B-6
Proprietary Blend: 3294mg
Phenibut, Caffeine, GABA
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Since Gaba alone doesn't cross the blood brain barrier, I would suspect that Phenibut is the biggest problem she is facing, particularly if she is taking the stuff every day. Tolerance builds quickly with Phenibut and it is Definitely addictive. Withdrawals are similar to benzo withdrawals. I was only successful with the help of baclofen. It can be dangerous to stop cold turkey and difficult if not impossible to find a doctor who has even heard of phenibut.  
It does cross the blood brain barrier.
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This was told to me from SWIM's perspective, wink wink.

Trust me, I understand your exact situation Hopefully, the OP is off the stuff now, but I'll will write this for  anybody out there, because there's not much info on RD Sleepwalker out there.

Trust me, I am not proud of any of this. My advice to all out there is stay away from OTC highs.

I've been a kratom user, off and on, for the past 2 years. Been through those withdrawals, they suck, but manageable. Using Maeng Da, probably 40 g a day. A little over 3 months ago, I discovered Red Dawn Sleepwalker.

Like a moron, I didn't research very deep at all, saw it was sold on Amazon with 180 positive reviews, so I got a packet, popped 4 pills, and loved it. Within no time, I was taking 12 pills a day, with no breaks in between.

It just made me feel so positive, completely got rid of my social anxiety, made me talkative and charming (which I used to just keep quiet) but not in a "speedy" way.

But certain things got kinda wonky, like maybe I got a bad batch, and I took it and it had the complete opposite effect, I felt like ****, etc. So I figured, man, I don't need this stuff.

Then, I dug into the drug forums, saw all these horror stories about Phenibut withdrawal, so for about two weeks, I continued my regular habit, 12 a day, with the worst anxiety I've ever had, thinking about getting off, what if I seize, how can I act normal, will my dad find out, will I have to go to the hospital, etc.

The problem is, I couldn't find information about the amount of Phenibut in Sleepwalker, in addition to caffeine and GABA (I think that's what it's called) so I had no reference to how much these people were taking who experienced the insomnia, hallucinations, etc.

Also, I'll say the Sleepwalker made me lower my kratom habit to probably 25 g a day. Idk how much Phenibut 12 Sleepwalkers is, but it was enough to keep me feeling it, the entire day.

So, 12 Sleepwalkers and 25g Maeng Da Kratom:

I decided to continue my regular kratom usage instead of getting off both at once, so as not to shock my system as much. I got:

Melatonin (sleep)
Benadryl (sleep, I use it anyways, I find it makes my kratom work better at night)
Valerian (sleep)
Men's Multivitamin

Whatever fruits you like (Apples and berries for me)
Whatever Veggies
Whatever Fiber
MAX Protein Bars
LOTS of bottled water, I continuously drank water trying to flush my system

L-Theanine (Anxiety, calm, read around about this stuff, it is supposedly good for benzo WD, it acts on the same receptors, may have been my saving grace.

Luckily I had a week off, which I hoped was sufficient time. For four days prior to jumping off, I at least lowered my dosage to 10 capsules.

On Thursday, I took my last two capsules at 7pm, and got a good night's sleep. I had a few packets of Sleepwalker in my drawer, in case of emergency, but I knew no matter how bad it got, I wasn't going back to square one, but it gave me comfort to have it, you know?

I can't explain why, but I really didn't experience anything that bad at all. Perhaps it was the kratom and the L Theanine.

So Friday night, I was super drowsy from caffeine withdrawal, also had a terrible headache, but managed to get a little sleep, which was a Godsend to me.

The following nights, I got some sleep, slept every night, but sometimes I'd have to just lay still for hours, hoping to fall asleep. But I did.

Another strange thing, when I lay with my eyes closed, it was like I was dreaming, but awake, random images, people, voices, flashing across my mind, sometimes with a weird story to it, that I couldn't control, just like a dream.

I counted the hours, every 12 hr. mark was a landmark. The only anxiety I got was from thinking that they don't know much about the half life of Phenibut, so I thought maybe I built it up (12 daily for 3 months) that it still hadn't left my system, and the withdrawals were coming.

A couple nights I did get bad anxiety (I'm not naturally anxious) but with good reason, never paranoid or anything, and every day I could have driven and gone out in public. The disruption of my sleep patterns, and I noticed a few mild muscle spasms, was about it, though.

As I write this, I am 147 hours, or 6 days off Sleepwalker. I can finally rest easy because last night, I fell asleep easily and slept like a damn baby. I feel so blessed to get through this unscathed. The fear and terror it put me through in the weeks leading up to quitting, is enough to make me never touch any legal high **** again. Insane what they are allowed to sell people

So, my MAIN advice is, talk to a family member and doctor, and go from there. Tapering, under supervised care, is probably the safest thing to do

But, if you're stubborn like me, I'd say this:

So, get up on your vitamins, energy sources, continuously flush your system with water, try to get exercise, even if it's just pacing, and VERY important: keep a positive attitude. When it gets bad, just keep telling yourself "This WILL blow over, I am stronger than this" just think how good it will feel to not be dependent again.

I looked at it like having to walk through the fire, to become the man I want to be. That's how I gave myself the courage to quit.

Thank God I didn't have bad WDs, hopefully you all don't either. Sorry for the length of my post, but I wanted to share, because you can't find jack **** on Sleepwalkers online, at least I couldn't. But this is the best advice I could give, is just to share my experience.

Look into kratom and L Theanine, they may be blessings. People use kratom for other withdrawals. Keep in mind it can be an addictive substance with withdrawals too, mild opiate WD compared to Phenibut's Benzo-type WD.

Now, of course, I gotta deal with the Kratom WD, but I got a plan, date, and taper schedule for that. I'm not worried about it, the Phenibut was what really scared me, but it's good, it's a wake up call to take control of my life, to never let anything get it's hooks in me like that again, because I now see how easy it is, and sympathize with everybody out there.

I hope the best for anybody who reads this. Keep strong and keep the faith in yourself
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Dang I post too long comments, let me summarize the above:

I used 12 Sleepwalker Pills and 25 g kratom for a little over 3 months.

Took my dosage down to 10 SW four days before I quit.

Kept taking kratom as well as other vitamins, most importantly L Theanine, which may have done a lot, but idk.

The WDs were a LOT milder than I anticipated. Basically just disrupted sleep patterns, until last night, Night 5, I slept like a baby.

I'm now over 6 days clean, never touching that **** again
Will you read my post please? Bottom
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I am in the same boat...any advice? I've been on sleep walkers for 9month's
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Im wd from opiates, just started sleep walker, 2 weeks ago..they dont work well now. Ive played with kratom.for months, back and forth between oxy. Now ive decided im going to quit oxy for a while and use kratom daily. Ive started taking 8 sleep walker. I need help adjusting a comfortable dose of kratom and sleep walker. Anu advice to get through oxy wd?? Please!
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The is a pretty old post,you would have better luck with responses posting your own question. I would suggest not taking the kratom though, the w/d's can be just as bad as opiates. I quit oxycodone almost a year ago and the only way to really get through it is to tough it out cold turkey. Taking all these other meds is only keeping you on this road of addiction. The physical w/d's will only last 7-10 days then depending on what your dose was and how long you were on them will depend on how long the mental w/d's will last.
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