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just wanted to post a quick "thank you" for being here for us... i only came to this board a few short months ago and was able to post twice so i count myself lucky!

until i found this board i had no idea that there were so many of us out there in cyber-world with the same problems all looking for solutions!

i am six months off of all opiates today although i have drank during that time so i would not qualify for a six month chip in NA, lol! suzie, do they have that half and half chip out yet? blue on one side and white on the other???

funny how this is affecting so many of us now that the board is closing down... i for one feel pretty darn sad that this board is closing but to me this means that it is time to mosey on over to the other boards and get support. not an ending but a new beginning! see ya'll there!!!! :-)


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I don't post that much,but I have been here for almost a year. Last year at this time there were no Doctors monitoring this forum. I have been clean now for 8 months,mostly due to this
forum & the people here. The Doctors here are pretty good,but I stopped before the doctors started monitoring here last year. So I don't understand why this forum can't go on without The Doctors.The Hepatitis,Maternal & child forums are Un-moderated.

I HAVE AN IDEA. July 1st, everyone go over to the the mental health forum. I've been there, It's probably where we all belong anyway.If we get kicked out of there there are 15 other
forums here try. (Cindy, please don't kick me out for for this, I am just angry about the whole situation).
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Probably most here don't remember me, but I used to post here a lot, and it was my lifeline for a long time.

This site, and the friends I made on it, helped me get into recovery and I will be forever grateful for that.  It feels quite sad that it has to close, but I guess all good things must come to an end.

Thank you everyone, for everything.

with peace, love, and light,
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I don't post much, but I come here often.  Why can't we keep this going without the doctors?
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It's good to see you again, Tara.  I hope all is well.
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Hi Tara!  Nice you read you!  Pamela
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I bet there is some legal liability issue that won't allow them to continue to keep the board up and running without the Doctors.

Maybe we can somehow get a Domain name close to it, link to it all over the place so Google will pick it up, and then still have it as a resource to use?

what's your email again? I keep misplacing all my data in lattop crashes.

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still have an angel onyour shoulder??
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Yep, it's sitting right there, helping me out when I need it!

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THANK YOU! THANK YOU!--I can't say it enough and I can honestly credit this wonderful place for saving my sanity and quite possibly my life--Many of you responded several months ago when my world came crashing down--Never underestimate the power of one human being reaching out to help a complete stranger--We all share a common bond--this "thing" called addiction and the devestation it brings to all of our lives-Peaz--Our paths will cross again I have no doubt--So thanks to everyone--Until we meet again--Peace Prayers--Mystere/AKA N.O. Lady

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Weren't you asked why are all clinics in the bad part of town?  That is what I was referring to.  That is in response to your "what?" question to my first post.
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Hi Anne, how are  you, I've been following your recovery along with many others......I feel like your all friends even though I don't tend to post to much. I enjoy reading, and boy can I ever relate.:( I'll follow all over too MssRats board at ezboard, so far its not too easy, but I'll figure it out. Anne are you still clean, last I remember you had a slip up? Hope all is going well, Love Debbie
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Hi, I sent you an email explaining what I didn't understand. H.
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God knows how much I love that city. I love it damn it. Alot of incredible memories there babe. You are doing fine and don't beat yourself up for relapsing. You will make it I promise. You can email me or call me anytime you need to babe.  Bill
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Good Morning I can't believe that this is going to all end. Today is my 3 rd day clean and I found all of you great people on day 1. I started quickly with Thomas' recipe AND doing good but its only 630 am here. I have used vics for the past 8 years up to 20 a day. I kindsa think everyone knows including my husband.I am GOING to do this and hopefully I will find the need site to help me through
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Good Morning from a somewhat soggy Crescent City--Yes I am still "clean" after my little stumble a couple of weeks ago, but to say I'm not struggling is an understatement--Besides the chronic pain issue I have developed some severe G-I problems (probably from all of the Advil) and it has been a difficult time--I just have to keep telling myself that this 49 year old body can't bounce back immediately after all of the years of abuse--I haven't been able to post from work because we have been having some computer problems--I have tried to go to Thomas's new board but the only thing I managed to find was the board for sugar addicts--Go Figure--I'm sure going to miss this place--Debbie thanks for the inquiry I hope to meet you over on the other board once I figure out how to get there--I hope all my "Buds" are doing Ok--How was Las Vegas Gracie?--Peaz I'll talk to you again no doubt and bmac you are always in my prayers Much love peace and Prayers--Mystere/AKA N.O. Lady

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OMG!!!!! Do I feel like an idiot or what?!?!!!!! I did not see the THOMAS RECIPE POST until after I asked for this!! Sorry, and please disreguard that last request for the recipe!!! I was just in a hurry and stopped at the first "free space" and didn't see that it had just been put on here!! Oopps!!:o( Kbuffy
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Hi All! Hey I know this has been posted here a thousand times, I'm sure, but could someone please post it again. The Thomas Recipe, I think is the right name??? I have only posted here twice before now, and just got on here today because someone emailed me for some advice. I had never heard some of the things mentioned in that "recipe" before. I only knew of the 5 medications that I used to detox. I want to offer this person as much help and info. as I can so I would appreciate it if anyone could help me out! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!! I also wanted to say that I am sad about this forum closing soon. I know when I first came here, as stupid as this sounds, I was in shock...at all the people that sounded just like me!!!! It really made me feel good to know that I could come here for a bit of support and info. And yes, I know there are other places to go, but I haven't gotten around to jotting those addresses down yet. Just kinda like it here, ya know? Even with all that crazy back and forth bickering, I still found this a comforting place. Just over looked all that mess!! It's a shame that this will come to an end...just when I was getting up enough nerve to come and actually post here, now it is going to be gone. I still have never been able to ask a question for myself but have gotten alot of helpful info. anyway. I do have one question, if anyone would like to respond to it that would be great.  People ask me about my clean time....I don't know how to answer that, because I am still using narcotics. See, I was taking a lot of Norco(hydrocodone 10/325) and at one point I was taking Methadone along with the Norco. My Mother called my doctor and told him I was abusing the pills, which I was. I was given the medicine for ruptured disc and degenerative disc disease, and fibromyalsia. I just started liking the way they made me feel and before I knew it....I was taking about 40 of them a day!!!! I guess in a way, she may have saved my life by making that phone call, but man was I pissed at her!!!!! My pain management doctor refused to see me again, but referred me to another doctor that specializes in addiction. He turned out to be just wonderful. He was very kind and didn't look down on me or treat me badly at all. He hated the idea of me taking the methadone and refused to give me anymore of that, but did give me the Norco for 2 wks. He explained that he would help me to detox. off of the high doses I was used to and then we could go from there. He put me on that "cocktail" of 5 different meds.(I believe I have listed them here before) and I went through the detox. in about 3 days. Afterwards he did give me the Norco again and told me he would do this only if I stayed at a normal dosage. And then he finally got whatever license he needed to enable him to write scripts for Buprenex. He put ALL of his patients on the Buprenex(the people that needed pain management). I have been on the shots now since Nov. of this year. So, when people ask me about being "clean" I don't know how to answer them. I got off the huge amount of pills by way of detox. but have to take something for pain, so am I even "clean" now or not? I just don't know?? Would love to hear your opinion on this. Thanks and Good luck to each and everyone of you!!!! I will miss you all, even if I didn't REALLY KNOW YOU!!  :o)Kbuffy
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Where's everyone going after this?   Thanks you all so much and I hope there is another place to go cause my addiction is ongoing and the support I get here is better than I ever got. Hope to be talking to many of you soon.  Have a safe ride.Love Addict from Austin
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You will find most of us on EZboard now.  The URL to the forum is:

Look for other posts Thomas03 or I have done in the past few days in here and you will find all the directions you should need to get into the forum easily and be able to post with all of us. :)  Hope to see y'all soon!

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