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Advice please....Pain Pill abuse stopped 1 hour ago!

I have been taking pain meds off and on for 5 years now. I have quit in the past two years two times. One time for a month and then last year for about 1 week. I was taking 7-8 5mg tab,perc,vicodin a day or even an oxy 80 a day. I have horrible back and ankle problems from sports and no insurance so it is cheaper to buy it from the street. I did not stick to one specific pill like only lortab or percs it was whatever was available. I am ready to quit taking these as well as smoking. I have not smoked in about 2 weeks thanks to chantix. I have 5 methadone 10mg and no other pain meds. I was thinking of breaking them into halfs and take one in the morning and one at night to taper the WD's. Good or Bad idea? Also how long would you suspect WD"S to last with the amount I took (ave day 40mg) a day, everyday for the past year. I cannot remember what it feels like to be normal. In the 5 years I have been taking them off and on 90 percent was probably on. If memory serves me right the last time I had WD"s they were not that bad but I had tramadol. I appreciate any answers and God Bless. I need to guage my WD's for work. I have several clients I have to work with next week. Oh, and how long do you think it would be until I get that sober love doing things feeling. 1 month? 2 months?
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hi buckeye....read my post just above yours.  My daughter died from drugs 5 years ago....she also used street drugs . She started on oxy from the dentist...she worked in a hospital, and since she worked in the cardiac floor got them there after the dentist stopped giving them to her. She failed a random drug test at the hospital, and she was fired. Oxy was too expensive so she started snorting Heroin and coke...then shooting it then died of an overdose....I think you better just quit...sounds like you are not quite made your mind up.....well keep it up and you will end up like me an old broken up woman.....or like my daughter dead   My love and prayers to you   Jerri
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Wow well keep up being sober. It takes a lot out of a person. My personal opinion is that you need to be around people that do not abuse drugs. Also if that means getting a new job or hanging around new places. It is tough but thats what i had to do. I lost a lot of great friends but new ones will come.

Also if you have back and ankle problems, there are a lot of doctors that take people without insurance, and they can maybe refer you to a chiropractor that can help you out with out giving you drugs for the pain.

No matter what, do not abuse anymore drugs.

im here if you need answers or help.
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Oh I am ready to quit. I dont use any other drugs btw. Never have in the 5 years of these. I hardly even drink. It is weird b/c noone would suspect I even take pills b/c of how goal orientated I am and motivated. I just know that I shouldnt take these and I hate having to find them. IB profin works for pain somewhat and in this economy pain meds are way to expensive. I am sorry to hear bout your daughter I have someone close to me that was addicted to oxy. He lost his home to foreclosure as well as his family. I want to get feedback on how severe my WD's will be do you have any insight. For the last year I have taken about 40mg a day. or 5mg every two hours 8x a day.
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Oh and how long will it take until the mental part is out? I want that feeling I had 5 years ago. That going out, doing family things or going out with girlfriend was fun. It has been all about pills and sitting home or working. Do you think taking methadone is a good way to curb the WD's? I onyl have 5 though. I have lots of clients to meet next week and besides the methadones I have no pain meds. I actualy had friends call me all week saying they had them but I turned them down b/c I planned to get this over with NOW!
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I really don't know how you are going to work with your clients if you go colturkey.....but I don't believe you will quit if you taper off either.  I used to try that....it never worked for me or others I have known..I have no answers, and I am so sorry.  Love  Jerri
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thanks for your reponse. I have until Tues. from now to get the worst part over with. I am banking on the fact I never took more than 5mg at a time! In 5 years I never took more than 80mg a day also. A lot of what I have read people were taking 10-20 pills a day if not more which I am assuming results in stronger WD's. As far as the methadones I have, I dont like the way they feel at all kind of like morphine. I also declined to purchase pills all week when friends would call with them b/c I am truely disgusted by them. I envy the people that appear to be happy sober. I was once that way and can be again!! I have always been a "go getta", motivated and determined hopefully these skills will pay off on this.
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You are very welcome sweet heart. I can not tell you how YOU will detox....only what I have experienced.  Love and prayers   Jerri
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You and I have a lot in common.  Use to be outgoing - enjoyed the great things about life. Then turned into a pill popping, homebody, where you have to use pills all the time because the only joy you find is in working high.  But... we just end up surfing the net or working on the wrong things, right?  Concentration doesn't last more than an hour or two at most.

Anyway, I was one of those that did get up to 200mg/day.  If you were only taking 40mg, I think you can pull through by tuesday. You would really do yourself a favor to taper down, but the w/d's are not going to happen until you are clean for 24 hours and then you need a few days to pull through.  So.. if you are looking at Tues, you may want to stop by Sat. It's actually much less intense if you do get outside and take some meetings. You are forced to make it happen and you will feel better just doing that... so do make the meetings even if you feel terrible.

To help through the w/d's, prepare yourself before they start.  Have plenty of gatorade, water, and vitamins.  Look at the amino acid protocal and get all that stuff. Follow through on all of it. Also get some immodium to help.  You won't want to eat much, so have some soup or something that you can quickly heat up and eat.  Fresh cut fruit would be good (but won't help w/ BM's).  Also some epsom salts for a few baths.

It may sound like you're going to war, but it will be over in a few days.

Walk everyday if possible.  Start today and continue through the entire thing.  This is very important.

I'll have 90 days on Monday and my old, high, self is a distant memeory.  I don't remember what it was like to work high anymore.  I concentrate much better now, don't have those crazy mood swings, and am back in the best shape of my life. Those 'go-out and do things' days are back.  I'm doing the things I love - including 8-10 mile runs or 50 mile bike rides at 6am when it's nice and crisp outside. Just me and the ipod.  Making new friends and getting stronger everyday.  It's fantastic.

Great success and happy days ahead for you.
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Wow Thank you so much for that. I bought a boat and new golf clubs just for my prize for quitting pills. I am so glad to hear that those days of sober go and do things are achievable after a pill addiction. I am also glad to hear that the WD"s will not be as bad as I have been reading. I almost feel selfish and rude to post my worries about such a little amount compared to the people that take a lot more or for longer periods. I do apologize if I offended anyone. I will pray for all of you and I hope I can return to the person I once was....Once again I thank you so much for the post
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please NEVER think that you should NOT be on this forum seeking help or feel that you could have possibly offended anyone..i think i speak for all when i say, you should pat yourself on the back for being strong and willing to fight your addiction....we are all here to support you in your time of need!...in terms of wd's, i found the Thomas Recipe very helpful to alleve some of my wd symptoms.....you may want to check it out...
good luck to you....you CAN do it!!!!   I never thought i could do it but i did!!!!!!!!!!!!
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