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Affects of long-term IV abuse to cardiovascular health

I had been injecting suboxone every day for 10+ years straight. No breaks, no periods of total sobriety. I am currently almost 4 months free from needles but still taking suboxone orally. My hands are STILL swollen from hitting in those areas, will the swelling ever stop? I don’t have swelling in any other areas. I’m at the point now where it is practically impossible for myself or anyone else to hit a vein or draw blood. Towards the end of my 10 year binge, I’d spend hours, sometimes half of an entire day trying to hit a vein anywhere I could reach. A few examples of some crazy places on my body that I’ve used are on the inside of my palms, top and inside of all my fingers, the bottom of both feet, top of feet and toes, my shins, my thighs, my stomach, my chest, my neck, and many more. At the 5 year mark, I could no longer hit anywhere in my arms. All of my veins have collapsed. I don’t think anyone will ever be able to draw blood or hit a vein for the rest of my life and that fact alone causes me so much fear and anxiety. I apologize for going into so much detail but I want you guys to know just how bad it really is. I just need to know, what kind of long-term affects will collapsed veins cause me? Are collapsed veins totally useless veins or do they still transport blood? I’ve gone to two family doctors and they didn’t seem to have any answers for me. Thank y’all for your time.
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I can feel every word you wrote.  Congrats on your 4months away from the needle....that apparatus is a drug all on its own, isn't it?!!!

I didn't use intravenously but I did have Acute Lymphatic Leukemia when I was 12.  I took intravenous chemotherapy every day for 3 years straight among MANY other points of entry for the stuff they put in my body!  I'm 52 now and nurses still can't find veins in my arms AT ALL!  I actually took some chemo treatments in the veins on the top of my feet.  When it's time to give blood for tests just get used to getting stuck multiple times...no biggie.  It will be ok.  Getting off that needle is the most important thing.  Over time your body will heal and this will be behind you.  BTW....suboxone was the last drug i was using before I got clean in 2014.  Keep moving forwards.
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