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I am on day nine of detox from heavy oxy use.  Most of my physical WD has subsided with the exception of major aggressive behavior, irritability and no energy.  Is this normal?

I went to the Doctor today and she was amazed I went cold turkey without any help and she does not think i should be able to take the pain of a crushed back.  I  am done with opiates. Never again will I take this stuff no matter what!  
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Are you still here?    Sorry you didnt get any response to your post........    being on the West Coast   it does seem the majority is from the East  so  a  bit late for much activity.  But there will be a lot of ppl to help you here soon and give you first hand advise.  I can only offer you my perspective as a mom of an addict.......  but dont write me off,  I have been there   and thru more "training" than you can imagine!!

I went thru w/d with my daughter     she was a hard core oxy addict,   and didn't start taking it because of any injurty.        I will tell you tho  her back was always the most pain she had thru w/d.   She has been in rehab 3 times......  only the last one really "took"  and she has been  clean going into 4 months,  an incredible acomplishment I had almost given up on.

She had huge emotional issues,   not what I had ever seen from her, when she was in the throws of w/d.  But I must tell you that is when she detoxed at home......  when I thought I had all the answers and could be her rock......  huge mistake.  Altho  we had every addicologist, psychiatrist,  addiction councelor,  medical docs  and so on and so on.......      She had to be in patient,    her brain  and emotions getting off a huge oxy addiction for 2 yrs was so much bigger than I/we/her family realized. or could possibly handle.      

If you have the opportunity to go in patient   PLEASE do.......  and   I am sure you know the detox is in reality the easy part.   It it a long and hard journey....aftercare is paramount...   you are fighting for your life.

I am sure you are feeling anger  and a myriad of emotions right now......  let them out,  I can take it        

Fight    you are in for the fight of your life,  and you will not feel like or be pollyanna in the process.     But dont quit.
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going cold turkey is going to really mix things up in your brain. try some aminos to help out with the healing in your brain. sounds like things need to even out in there and maybe your body just can't keep up with the new changes.

as far as your pain threshold now, i am with you. i have been able to withstand lots of pain now, knowing full well what the stupid pills have to offer.

also if you tired alot, and can sleep. than get as much sleep as you can. naps are good even. your brain does it's healing while you are asleep. and try to epuip it with the needed nutrients to do it's job.
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i had the same thing happen . it has since subsided. i work out daily and go in the sauna I am two weeks clean after a year habit of 30mg roxy/oxycodone 10-20 a day. eating snorting shooting. two weeks of absolute hell but now I feel normal again ., my boss and family notice a completely different person and so do I. each day is a high better then the drugs being sober
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Normal feelings...as the posts above indicated, aminos will help during your recovery.  Check out the amino acid protocol but if you want to keep this simple, purchase a whey protein mix (mix with water or milk).  This mix contains all the aminos you'll need.  I drink 3 of these drinks everyday and if miss more than 2 days (traveling), I start to notice the difference.

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Thanks for the advice everyone. I am tough and I am gritting the pain without pain meds. Never will I let a drug control me!  Ever.

The reason for kicking my pain meds to the curb was that I took too many and ran out of month. Almost seven days. It was then that I realized that stuff was poison and I was better off dealing with pain than opiate withdraw.  I had been on a four regimen of two 30MG Oxycontin and 12 15MG Oxycodone daily. The last four years I realized was a blur. I did not know! How stupid was that.  Friggin Doctor.  If she had been a man I would have pummeled her. But, I dont hit chicks :)    
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the no neg thing is very familiar to me..i do not remember being aggressive but i just wanted to be left alone...i was staying to myself and fighting to work for a few months..drinking rocket shots to get out the door...it is tough but do-able,...time heals so wait it out..it is worth it
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