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Agoriphobic w/major panic disorder been on benzos 23 yrs

I have been on benzo's since I was 13 yrs old by phyciatrist, my diagnosis is agoraphobic with major panic disorder. Over the yr they tried many different combinations but the only one that let me live a normal or s normal as i can feel was the benzos so that was the final result. I am 35 yrs old now and have a DCF case because of a call from a ex friend who was mad. They want me to get off of my prescription for my benzos for a 28 day treatment and then after that I can go right back on them. This involves my 3 yr old son so of course i agreed to it against my phyciatrist and 5 medical doctors. I went thru detox and not even 6 days in I went into supervascular tachycardia, they program I was in kicked me out because they said they would not be reliable for this and would nt go agaist 5 medical and 1 phyciatrist letters telling them this could be fatal to me. I cannot find a place that will accept me now. because no place is gonna take that liability. I tried it another way under hospital care and went into v-tach (at 35 i had a stroke minor but still a stroke) I am out of options no where will take me and the judge says if i can't as he called it(GET OFF THE DRUGS) I will lose my son. Of anyone knows what I can do pls help me. i've tried and had a stroke and went into a coma for 3 days. My stress is so extreme because of all this they are literally killing me and putting me in at a very high risk for mortality/death. My name is Christa pls get in touch with me if you have any answers. t/y i live in stuart fl and my personal number is 772-834-3606 or email me at ***@**** pls this is so time sensitive. my son is my entire life. t/y
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I'm a little confused by so much here? They want you off or they will take your son,but you can go back on in 28 days?? What's the point then? If you have 6 docs saying you should be on them shouldn't that be enough for the judge? Or is there other drug/alcohol use that you left out of the details? Other than the hospital or re-hab (which neither will take you?) I don't know where else you could get help? I hope someone else sees this soon and can offer you advice. Good luck to you,I hope things work out. None of us would want the threat of loosing our child hanging over us,I'm sorry you're going through this.
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Get a letter from the prescribing doctor and have it notarized. 28 days is not enough time to get off benzos. You need a long, SLOW taper or you have seizures, strokes and the like. Call your doctor first thing and ask for the letter or perhaps he or she could testify. Please this cant be right. Maybe the judge could give you more time.
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What does your legal representative say about all this? I know that you're panicked but as my friends above pointed out, your information is confusing & it's hard to believe that a judge wouldn't take written affidavits from drs. testifying to your condition & to your experience trying to come off!
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I echo what msdelight said.   She knows what she is talking about.

What caused your stroke? Do you have high blood pressure?  Also, were you referred to a cardiologist after the SVT episodes?

I do not understand your story.   How can DCF take away your son if your meds are prescribed by a doctor?  Were you mis-using them?

Finally, I really hope you have a lawyer or legal aid helping you out.  If they aren't, ask for a new one.  Good luck honey.
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