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Alcohol Questions


Im 30 years old and have been drinking since around 17. Mostly a weekend/binge drinker.

-Lately after a night of drinking my hangovers are brutalso bad I have drastically cut back my drinking.Head, stomach hurt just need to stay in bed. I have a discomfort in my right side as well. Not an acute pain but just feels uncomfortable.

-ALso the next day my throat hurts and my voice goes horse, I recently went to the doctor because I have globus(trouble swallowing)

-Along with being brutally hungover, the next day about 18 hours after drinking I have bad anxiety, sometimes causing panic attacks.

Is my body telling me something? Am I addicted? I do like going out sometimes and drinking with  my friends but its starting to look like I just can't do it anymore. Should I get any tests done at the doctor?

Thanks in advance for any insight

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But I don't drink everyday. I've drank about 5 times since Christmas. I don't feel the need to drink every day, I couldn't if I wanted to.
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Binge drinking can also be a form of alcoholism -- doesn't mean that you have it, yet.  Obviously your body is telling you that the drinking is hurting it, or something in it.  Even if  you don't see an addiction specialist, at least see your personal physician, if you don't have one find a local clinic that takes your insurance.  When was the last time you had a "real" physical? Not the kind they give you for a job, but one to check your health.  Tell the Dr. all your symptoms -- it sounds like your liver (upper right side of abdomen) may be hurting.  Drinking can also quickly harm your Pancreas.  Ask for your liver enzymes to be checked, a CBC (complete blood count) will check a variey of your systems.  You said you are thirty now, not as much of a spring chicken any more.  Is the one night of partying worth the pain you are experiencing?  Regardless of your decisions about "to drink or not to drink" please have your health checked out. Someone who cares.
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Yes, I guess the one night of partying is getting to be not worth it anymore.

I will get a completet physical, thanks for the info.

Is an addiction specialist a regular doctor? Is there a website to
lookup one in my area? What would an adiction specialist do for me? Do they ascertain whether or not you're an addict?
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I think you should get yourself to an addiction medicine doctor right away. And don't stop your alcohol intake cold turkey. It could cause seizures that might be fatal.

Just go.

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I was a binge drinker for many years, 15 to be exact, and I would get the worst hangovers too.  I would be eating excedrin to prevent the top of my head from exploding and then puking them up 15 minutes later.  It was not a good thing but didn't really stop me from doing it again because it was "fun."  

Luckily, I had an iron liver until I contracted Hep B and almost died.  My liver stopped functioning for several days. I was told I couldn't drink for a year and I didn't, but one year to the day, I went out and got drunk.

This went on until I finally couldn't deal with the consequences of my blackouts...getting phone calls the next day telling me all about my bizarre behavior which fortunately, everyone seemed to find amusing, and of which I had absolutely no recollection.

I got sober through AA.  I know this is anaethma to a lot of people on this board, but it worked for me and has for many others.

I did not really need to detox.  I was sick for a couple of weeks after my last drunk but it was never life threatening, i.e. convulsions or dts, because as you mentioned, it was not on a daily basis.

I would counsel you to seek some kind of help. It would be wonderful if you could stop now and not follow the path I did which leaves painful and permanent physical and emotional scars.
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The sore throat may be from smoking if you smoke. I used to triple my smoking when I drank.  Or from yelling, singing loud and rebel yells which also were also part of my drunken repetoire :)
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Go to the website of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. It's called ASAM. Here is the link http://www.asam.org/Frames.htm There is a search tool in there to find a certified doctor in your area. Good luck.

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I experienced an alcohol withdrawl seisure and was rushed to the hospital after my roommate called 911 at the end of April 2002. I came to in the ambulance confused. I was drinking for a week straight prior, about 2-3 bottles of wine per day. I just collapsed in the morning after a shower. After 1/2 day in the hospital I was sent home. I didn't drink for 2 weeks then I had some screwdrivers in the sun. My head all of sudden became foggy and it was like I was plugging my ears while talking and listening. I also felt like I was in a daze for 3 days. I had the uncontrollable shakes for 3 days as well and I thought I had a stroke. I explained it to my sister who is a recovering alcoholic and she said it was withdrawl for sure and it would be gone on the third day. She was right. 2 days later I drank again. About 5 glasses of wine without any of the effects I experienced prior. Anyone else out there experience something similar.
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my mom was an alcoholic and addict of valium.  we sent her to 4 treatment ctr.  she did not stop drinking.  she and my stepfather had a fight.  i realized that i was in the middle.  my stepdad said please do not leave, she'll leave me.  she said don't go, you are my still my baby.  well, i was 16 years old, and could take no more.  i left and went to live with my Grandma Mary.  i could always count on her.  mother went to the ER that day.  she got a few pills to help her with withdrawls.  she made 3 meetings a day for over 90 days.  i used to get tired of listening to her talk about AA.

She died in 1996.  I kept a promise that i'd never put her in a hospital, for i was a nurse then.  i kept her at home and she died at my house.  then, if found i was an addict after usage of a headache remedy that was supposed to be safe.  After a doctor's son died from an od, they scheduled the drug.  It was my gateway drug to bigger and better things.  I have mother's diaries and cherish them so.  she says recovery is a life long process.  she also says to thank God.  I hope what i had to say will help a little bit.  There will more on the forum for you.
Stay away from the bottle, get a few meds if you need help, but stop drinking.  If you have children, nephews or nieces, think about how sad they are looking at you drunk.  Good Luck.  I'm on your side.
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