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Alcohol use

There are nights when I get home from work, and I decide to have a few beers. However, more often than not, those few turn into 12 and fifteen. The funny thing is, though, that there are nights I don't want a beer, but I start drinking them anyway--even if it takes an hour to drink one or two. Then, after that, I get into the drinking.

I hate being alone, but the drinking hrlps me NOT be depressed feeling and bored.

No, I don't drink every night. I definitely don't drink at all on weekends, but I do catch myself drinking at least 3 to 4 week nights. I can go without the beer, but I find that I am drinking it anyway.

What steps can I take to stop this, and why do I find myself drinking when I am alone during the week but happy and not drinking when I am not alone on the weekend?
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Try not to buy it, I know it sounds easy, but try buying your favorite soda, or try club soda.  Alot of people getting off beer, like it because it is bubbly also!  Good luck, we are here for you  if you need us!
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Coming from a long line of professional alcoholics....I was one of a handful in my family who didn't drink, BUT turned to prescription drugs instead to numb the pain of my problems.  
I feel for you, & I think counseling would help you tremendously because of what you said about the aloneness, it helps me and no one would ever have to know if you didn't want them too.  
If you're not ready for that, try going out in the evenings instead or on a bike ride or to a movie, somewhere where there is no alcohol.  Don't worry, you WILL make friends in non-alcohol areas!  And you will make it out of this, not only because you have us, and I'm sure family somewhere, but YOU have taken the first step to realizing that you have a problem, and that's the biggest, good luck!
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try buying non alcoholic beer they say it tastes the same but no alcohol, not really a drinker myself.go out once in a while for a drink with my wife.the bowhunter
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