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All over again !!!!!

Hi !!   Back to chat again. Im back taking my Xanax and painpills. I tryed SO HARD to stop. Well Im done with the Xanax and for the first time had W/D's from them. Does anyone else agree that its worst then the painpill WD or is that just me? I had horrible depression. Reason for starting up everything again was my doctor visit. Its so HARD not to go and get them filled and not only that got bummed up to 20 mill Oxys instead of 10 mill (along with my percs. 10) . I feel like my demons are stronger than me. I am actually scared at this point. Sick  and tierd of WDing then screwing it up and having to do it all over again, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh   Any advice or encouragement would help.
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good job..what i have heard is taking your self off xanax and w/d from xanax can cause seixures..i am on xanax and my doctor wont take me off but i was on vics 2-3 a day 7.5/750 and detox w/d from that was horrible but i made it and i am on day 8 clean...i still have the weakness and no energy but my husband put me on a multivitiamin and i took a excedrin migraine (caffiene)and that moved me some..you will do great!
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Hi, I am in the same boat. Started back on vicodin after a 2 months break. I was taking soma and vicodin but can't get the soma anymore so the Dr. tells me to take the vicodin. I cannot take any anti inflammatory and Tylenol Arthritis just doesn't take the edge off. So here I am again on 2-3 vicodin a day. Not sure how else to manage the pain. I, too, feel like a failure as have stopped this 3 times already but the pain gets the best of me...Not sure why you are taking the painpills but I am here if you wanna chat...Precious
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