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Allergic reaction to alcohol

Hi, I just wonder if anyone has the same symptoms as I do.  Whenever I drink alcohol - doesn't matter what it is, I get a streaming nose, sneeze constantly and generally feel like I have an instant cold or very bad hay feaver.  Is this just an allergy or intollerance? (sorry about spelling!)
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Are you addicted to alcohol?  Do you have a problem with it?
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does this happen with the first drink you take?
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I sure wish I had those symptoms with alcohol. It would have saved me from years of myself and family suffering.
I never heard of such a reaction
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Same here, I have had drooling and vomiting and double vision.
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im allergic to alcohol...i break out in stupid all over...just kidding...ive never heard of anyone being allergic to alcohol b4..would be nice if alot of people were...my mom is allergic to codeine why couldnt i get that from her......grrrrrrr
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I have been researching over the internet about the same thing. I have the same problem. It seems as though it's not the alcohol but what it is made with. If you have allergies to yeast or any of the other ingredients it can cause you to have an allergic reaction.
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Not sure what's going on here, but someone PM'd me about something and I happen to be having their issue as well.....

Never had a problem with alcohol, ever.  Occasionally have one or two drinks, never more than that, never need to have any.  For some reason, since going through all this stuff, I've had a couple of occasions out and had two.  My heart races worse, I get extremely restless, anxious, and the tops of my shoulders feel heavy and achy.  I know this is different than those s/s described, and I have not researched it, but thought I'd mention it.  I don't think you've said whether or not your s/s are new for you?  Did you?

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i've had an allergy to alcohol,or as i describe it intolerance,for some years,dont get me wrong,i went out every weekend as a teenager,worse for wear on several occastions,but now i cant touch a drop,as when i do,i feel sick(as i am drinking it,not the morning after!),my stomach burns,i describe it as being on fire from the inside spreading to the outside,when i do vomit it goes a bit,but still left with a dodgy belly,ive looked over the net myself,and most seem to think its the ingrediants that go into drinks,that folk have a allergy to,but up to now,i cant put my finger on any thing,as i cant drink ANYTHING alcoholic,without getting the same reaction,funny thing though,when you tell someone your teetotal,they presume you've been a alcoholic at some point,and your on the wagon,they never even consider a alcohol intolerance.....
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I,too, get very stuffy and headachey(sinus) the morning after I've had a beer or 2.This is new for me, and if I go awhile without drinking, and then drink the symptons are even  worse than before.
Is this God's way of telling me i am to never get any kind of a buzz from anything?
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