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Almost 30 days clean

Hi everyone boy what a journey I have went through I couldn't have done it with all you Monday will make 30 days clean.l can say I have not once carved those nasty pills I just keep thinking no more counting them worrying if I will run out I don't wake up in withdrawals .Yea my back hurts but I'm dealing with taking it day by day.My daughter is in town I'm just loving being pill free enjoying my family.My daughter went with me to a meeting I said hi my name is Corey I'm a addict she held my hand tight with tears in her eye's said mom I'm so proud of you I love you.If that's not enough to never want me to look at a pill what is. God bless you all that have been following my Journey.
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I'm proud of you! It seemed like the 30 day mark was a big one! Children are definitely a huge encouragement in not taking those pills. Keep on going! Although the beginning seemed to drag on, day one seems like a distant memory, and looking back, the time didn't drag on, it has gone by very quickly. I have been following you, and it doesn't seem like it has been 30 days already! Although, I don't feel like mine has been 45 days. Super job!!
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Congratulations on Day 30!  That is an amazing achievement!!

How wonderful that your daughter went with you to a meeting!  Those we love sure receive the benefits from our new life!  Did you get your 30 day chip/coin/keychain?  It is a great feeling to have those to remember these milestones!  I have a candle holder that has an empty glass bottom and I have all my coins and keychains in it!  It is a wonderful reminder of how it is just one day at a time and how those days add up to a whole new life!

You might find that your back stops hurting for the most part.  The pain that I was in while taking the pills is about 85% less now!  It took a little bit to find that relief but it happened and seems to get better and better!

Keep doing the right thing and Congratulations again!!!  ♡
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Hey Cory  congrats on 30 days clean  and a big KUDOS for hitting the meetings....it is the single best thing you can do for your recovery....if they work for a old dope fiend like me they will work for anyone....the thing is long after the pills stop the addict that lives in ALL ARE HEADS is alive and well  both N/A and A/A address the addict  im more at home in N/A but both are good groups with time and working the steps you can be like me and loose the very desire to use....something I always thought was impossible....so go out and celebrate 30 days is huge....to this day I still get a pound of shrimp every month im clean
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Wow, great job and what a uplifting post. Your post bought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful blessing to have your child say that. Yes, gnarly is right about the addict inside use is still there and it could take just one pill or one bad thing happen in life that can trigger it back. Just always keep your Armour on and Guard Up. YOU do have your Family Support and that right there is a Big One.  We are very Proud of YOU!! Ya!!!

Bless You & Family
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Congrats corey i love reading these stories. We are all beating this one day at a time.
God Bless
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Congrats on your clean time and having the support of your daughter.  You are doubly blessed corey~
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