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Almost a week and not getting better

Hello all. I was on Percs for a bout 3 years. So I went to the Pain dr my primary recommended I knew I had todo smething as i was up to an average of taking about 7 -7.5mg pers a day. I was able to hide this from everyone. But I could not take it much longer. I do complex work and quit jobs because  I could not focus along with diffculty waking up at 6:30 AM. I was debating whether to go to rehab or do it myself. Went the SUB way (no pun intended) and hope it was the correct decision.

I was on Sub for slightly over 2 months. My Dr started me at 8 mg 2x a day which literally turned me into a zombie. I did that for 2 weeks which was way way too much for me st that dosage., When I next met with the Dr he told me to taper, but do it slow and in fact I could be on SUBs for the rest of my life.  Well I didn't exactly listen and tapered off affter about another 9 weeks. My last dose of approx. 1 mg was taken last Tuesday (March 28).I thought that I was getting close to the finish line when I stopped the SUB only to find iut my fight has just started. Like many others I have been in hell and just get worse by they day,

I wonder if anyone who has taken this trail and found the rainbow has any suggestions for me, Thank you so much for any tips you can provide .

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If your last dose of sub was 9 days ago, your w.d should be coming to an end physically, maybe not mentally. Sub is powerful and the w.d is usually worst then that of your previous DOC if taken for long periods of time. You are pretty much over the worst, so I would stick it out and know that it will be over soon..you can do this.
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Hang in there.. sub detox is long and drawn out.. but 9 days is a long way to have come. Dont give up.. you have come way to far.. For me physically I began to improve around 14 days.  Its mentally taxing right now for you because other opiate detox is around 5-7 days and when your continuing to get worse and you've hit day 9 and 10 and its not improving your thinking OMG what is going on.. BUT I promise you if you stick with it, you will be feeling better.  There is a light at the end of this tunnel, it just takes a while to see it.  All the regular stuff to ease the w/d - hot baths, advil, exercise.. and of course TIME.  Take care and stay strong!
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hang in there ... iam on day 5 of no subs and jumped from 6 mg.  I too am nervous about what i have been told, but will continue on, you are doing great!  If you can make it this far you can beat the rest of the really bad stuff!  
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Hang on you are almost there. I was on subs for three months and went c/t off 2mgs. Day 19 was my turning point. Everything slowly started to get better.Like refusing said there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is so worth it! Congrats on day 9!
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Sorry I meant to say day 10 not 19 I must have hit the 9 insteed of the 0. Im computer stupid! Haha!
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