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Am i being set up for failure

I have two buldging discs in my neck with nerve impindgment. Degenerative disc disease and buldging discin lower back.  The pain is constant and getting worse. Running down my right arm and leg.  I have alot of muscle pain too..  Not sure why that is. Anyway, my pain specialist has me on 10 mg percs, 5 times a day plus 70 mg of oxycodone er twice a day.    That. Is alot of pain meds and i still have pain. Ive been on them for about 2  years so im sure i have a high tolereance to them now.  I ask him to switch to something else but he refused saying that the insurance company wouldnt allow it.....i. think they put you on pain killers like that cause they know theyre addictive.  Its like they keep you in pain so you have to keep coming back to them.  Why am i still in pain while taking this much medication?.  Plus i get epidurals also which last about a month....
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Also i dont get high on them.  At the beginning i got buzz and somme euphoria, but that went away along time ago. I dont think i can take enough pills to get high if i wanted to.  I just want this pain to go away.  They  dont look for a cause, they just perscibe a bandade...
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Hello and welcome. Opiates were not meant to be taken long term.
They actually produce more pain because they change your brain chemistry
And make more pain receptors.
It is called hyperalgesia.  Opiate induced pain.
Many people find their pain levels decrease post opiates.
There are other ways to help manage pain.

Once you detox it would take a month or two to re-evaluate your true
Pain levels. During detox pain usually increases, rebound pain.

Have you considered trying to come off your meds?
i actually had to recently cause my pain doc got arrested for Over perscribing. It took a month to find a new one. withdrawls were terrible and the pain, omg. went to the er and they gave me 5 different meds for withdrwal. nothing for pain. He then put in my chart Chronic Narcotic User, like im a drug head. i took my meds as was presrcibed. how embarrassing. i was taking CBD oil because there was supossed to be no THC and was supposed to help for pain.  THC showed up in my preliminary drug test and i had to convince him by having his nurse getting on the interent and looking it up. The THC level was low, but how can it be sold with ANY level of THC in it.....so tired of this. what can i di for DDD....????
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