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Am I just as well to cold Turkey this Abstral use

Hi I've run out of my Abstral completely yesterday and do not get a new script for 2 days. I'm getting sweats already, I usually take 400micg every 4 hours.
Am I just as well to cold turkey it rather than start taking them again in 2 days time ?
Any help wanted as I've no one to talk to about this. I'm supposed to be tapering down (but ran out early.)to avoid symptoms. pain is bad too despite fentanyl patch
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HI I met with my support worker who thinks I am going too fast so I had 5 (Actiq) today big mistake it seemed to make the sweats worse so I'm back to 3 tomorrow. I have noticed my peripheral neuropathy in my hands has returned with the reduction in pain meds. Its bad enough in my feet but in my hands its really debilitating especially with writing. I have been offered buprenorphine in place of what I'm taking.
Has  anyone had it for fentanyl withdrawal ? If so what was it like and did it work ?
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Sounds like you are doing great with your taper!

I'm sorry I don't have experience with fent (oral or patch).  Maybe someone with that experience can advise you as to getting off the oral first or the patch?  Hope you get to connect with some support soon.  You're doing really well, keep it up~
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2nd question............if your still in that much pain, why are you and your dr tapering you? If thats not too personal?
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Dr is uncomfortable with the abstral dose and wants to increase the fentanyl patch to 75micg which I am not keen to do . Also Dr is uncomfortable that I am now recovering from cancer and abstral is liscened for cancer pain.
Went back to Dr and am going to taper down abstral have gone down from 500micg to 400micg in last two weeks 8 times a day to 6 times a day and will try 5 times a day next week. Also contacted substance abuse team for support. I would rather put up with the pain than being addicted to this stuff as getting to tolerant to dose
Feeling good today.I am now down to 400micg 4 times a day and the withdrawal is better so thinking of going to 3 a day tomorrow. I am still waiting to get my counselling and support. I read some good articles with drug withdrawal in Portugal which was about getting individuals to reconnect with others again. Trying so hard to stay positive but its difficult at times, so I am trying to keep busy to keep my mind occupied this seems to help. I don't know when I get down to 2 a day whether to reduce the patch currently at 50micg/hr to 25 or get off  the Abstral (Actiq) first.
Anyone any thoughts. I did have 2 bad episodes of pain . One horrendous and did use Abstral for that overnight. It eventually subsided. I know it will happen again but pain does eventually go. Just trying so hard to succeed at this. Life does not seem so foggy today
Feeling positive down to 3 a day !!!
The 3 a day didn't last long and went back to 4 a day and have now decided to try cold turkey and so have stopped from today with the Actiq.
I still have the Fentanyl 50 patch.
I hope I can manage as I have decided to go on a short holiday to distract myself.
I have managed 7 days without whoopee
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I was thinking about this before I answered b/c it's quite the question....1. Are you ready to quit? You ran short to ward off w/d's so what makes the w/d's more doable now? Perhaps your thinking that the w/d's are not doable (which they are) and your just scared? Is it possible that when the 2 days are up you'll feel like **** so you'll be running back to the dr?  It is VERY possible for you to be able to put the fentanyl down....just want to know if your really ready?
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