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To me it is so amazing how easily these meds. are prescribed by doctors. We are living in a society where it is like the song "In the year 25 25". I happen to know someone who is addicted to xanax and claims to have been on it for 10 years. Yes, 10 years. This is a drug that is only recommended for use by the FDA for 8 weeks. Where do all these doctors get their training in drugs? They should get as much schooling in drugs as a pharmacist. And you can bet your local pharmacist knows more about the drugs you are taking than your family doctor. What a sad fact, when they are the ones who decide how these drugs are to be used. Prescription drug abuse is a huge problem, and I just do not understand why no one demands that Doctors become more accountable for the medicines that they prescribe. If people demanded this the way they are demanding immigration reform, I believe we would get somewhere. The drug companies have such a hold on our government.

The person I know has lost their children, is paranoid, lies to get drugs, see's things that are not there, falls asleep driving, his wife died of an overdose from his pills, and the doctor continues to give him this medicine.
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It's a tough issue.  There are people who need the meds. and sometimes issues like this actually cause the people who need them to not be able to get them or at least makes it very difficult.  I tried 8 different non-opiate meds., physical therapy and a chiropractor before being started on them myself.  So I don't blame anyone for my dependence to them.  I knew it would happen, but for me, even now, the benefit outweighed the risks.  I couldn't live with the pain.  For others, I don't know what's up with their docs prescibing them so easily.  Sometimes patients aren't always honest with their physicians, some docs are more liberal than others too.  There are some states that are more watchful of docs and their prescribing habits.  I too have a friend who abused a drug.  She took Adderall and became terribly paranoid and pseudo-pschizophrenic.  Both her husband and I tried in vain to talk to her doc about it.  He wouldn't even listen to us (I understand he couldn't say anything about her).  I couldn't help but get the feeling that he may have a problem himself.  I think if someone knows someone with a problem, it can never hurt to talk to them about it.  We've gotta try.  

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