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Ambien Withdrawl

Hi. Im 19 and Ive been taking ambien for a year and a half. Usually at higher dosages than recommended. In the last 6 months I have noticed that my ambien usage has become a quite serious addiction. Ive never had a drug addiction before so this is a bit hard to admit. I have tried to stop taking ambien but always end up on it again. I was prescribed it once... but for the past year and a half I have been taking it from my parents. Now on most nights I take 18-24 mgs. On some nights I have taken 3 or 4 pills of 12 mg each. But now I'm realizing what I have done to myself as now I have a physical dependency on it and I experience withdrawal symptoms. Starting from last night I quit cold turkey again (it also helps that my parents have run out of pills for the first time). But its day 1 and i am already experiencing symptoms. Shakeyness, backache and increased heart rate. I also know that soon the anxiety will kick it. But I was just wondering what other things I should look out for? Im a little nervous about the withdrawal symptoms as I have been confused b4 bc of it. I need some advice on how to manage this.
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Hey there. Welcome:)

In your last line you say you want help in managing this. Which this are you referring to: wd symptoms or your addiction?

I'm sorry to have to tell you this but you already know you are an addict. Addicts steal drugs from others. And addicts need help. We cannot kick our addictions by ourselves. If we could, we would.

Since you are so young and live w/ your rents, you need to tell them. I'm sure they want to help you. Guess what happens if you try to keep this a secret?

This isn't just a matter of getting off Ambien. You need to get help as to what's going on in your brain. You won't get better if you just stop Ambien. It's way bigger than that.  All of us addicts have issues that we haven't addressed and we use drugs to blot them out.

In any case, tell your parents. You may need inpatient, but definitely counseling/meetings etc. You need help, my friend.

Keep posting and stick around. Lots of helpful folks on here.
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