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Ambien addiction help

I have been on Ambien since 2007 but now I am having o take more and more and sometimes it still doesn't work. What options do you think I have? Are there better medications to try
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I continue to blast most of medical community for its lack of concern and lack of awareness.      Besides growing tolerant over time,  these drugs whether it be ambien,  the benzos and even something like propofol (used by Michael Jackson and his doctor) which wasn't meant for that purpose anyway, disrupt the brain chemistry which controls the sleep/wake cycle.    As a result,  people (often with the consent of their doctor) get lured into using more of them in order to treat insomnia when these drugs are what's causing the problem.      Some may have had insomnia because of emotional distress then began using drugs that they'rd told would help them but then it only caused the same problem again.       When I took them for my fibromyalgia condition,  I experienced what you are now.     Of all the doctors I saw during the years,  only one was smart enough to know that not using these drugs will allow the brain to give you back your sleep/wake cycle.
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HI welcome to the forum the Zmeds are tuff to get off and you do build up a tolerance to them there are several diffent brands out there but they all work the same it may just be time to get off of them they where nere ment for long term use you slowly taper off a little bit at a time and expect some insomnia wile going threw this but if your uping your dose it time to get off good luck and God bless......Gnarly
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Ambien is not meant to be a long term med, but im sure they didn't know that back then. The best thing, as always, is to talk to your doctor.
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there is no med meant for long term insomnia. every single one of them suggests 14 days of use or less.

increasing your dose of ambien will likely do nothing since by increasing the dose of ambien beyond 10mg, you often are NOT increasing it's theraputic effectiveness. with ambien, you can take a handful of them and it will likely not be much more effective at making you sleep than taking one or two.

there are stronger meds that could knock an elephant out. somnote (chloral hydrate)...halcion...restoril...then the big guns like butisol or seconal.  problem is using stronger meds will lead to the exact same, but far more dangerous end. these are much more powerful drugs, but they will cause you to develop the same tolerance, only there is nowhere to go after them except to take more...and taking MORE of those is a disasterous idea.

best thing is to get a sleep specialist and get OFF ambien, or else reduce use to less than 7 days per month.

best of luck
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I have had insomnia for years and had to stop taking everything.  I now fall asleep on my own but still wake up a couple times a night.  I still feel better though.
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Ann,   exactly the point I was trying to make further back.   I too fall asleep on my own but wake up at least a couple of times a night and sometimes more due to my own fibromyalgia condition.     I too still feel better than also having a second sleep disorder caused by those Rx's.    
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Thank you all
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I understand what everyone is saying but the fear of not sleeping and being able to function in the morning to take care of my baby is literally driving me mad..I need help and just don't know how to get it
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