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Ambilify during opiate withdrawal and PAWS?

I take lexapro and have been for years and years, it doesn't really seem like it does much.  Has anyone ever used Ambilify during opiate withdrawals to help with depression and anxiety?  I know Ambilify isn't really a SSRI but helps make the current SSRI more effective which I would think would be great during times of low depression and lethargy.

Just curious if anyone has tried this.  Its not a narcotic and easy to get a script for or even order online.  The depression and anxiety is what gets me but I hate taking a bunch of benzos and worrying about getting hooked on them.  Plus SSRI's are not hard to withdrawal from, I have done it numerous times and usually never feel it.
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Abilify (you do mean Abilify, don't you?) is a great drug used in cooperation with SSRIs, but I don't know if its use is tied to opiate withdrawals. Why don't you ask your doctor if this is the best course of action for you? You don't want to add another pill unnecessarily especially during withdrawal. Good luck and God bless.

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