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Another Roll Call!!!!

Come on all...brag time;you know the drill.1 day or 100 doesn't matter.It's clean time and we should all be proud!!This is a tough road we're on and we all need support at times so here goes....82 days for me,yippee!!Who's next??
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Hey there you are!!  82 days.....IMPRESSIVE!!  I am really proud of you my friend...

1018 days for me~~
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Hey girl good to see you on the strait and narrow path congrats on 82 days I got a good feeling your going to make it this time....for me its been 480 days off methadone and pills
5yr9mo off alcohol weed and everything else recreational congrats to everyone on this list
weather you got 1 day or 20yrs we all do it   ''just for today'' God bless everyone
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748 days off oxy & 638 days off cigarettes.  Good job everyone, each day counts but today is the only one that matters.  guv
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Congrats to all I am 103 days clean today.
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199 days for me!  :)
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75 days for me!!!

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Day 5 :)
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day 19 hip hip horray!!! congrats to everyone!
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Good work ( and I mean work!! ) everyone!!

299 days for me...but who's counting!!
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Day 3 for me!!,
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Welcome to Roll Call~Congrats on those 3 days!!!          sara
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42 from a year long 300mg Oxycontin nightmare :)
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I've hit 91 days today. That's twice as long as I've ever done it before. Feels right this time.
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36 days. Never made it past 5. Calm waters and smooth sailing.
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Thats awesome one day or 100. Well 29 days today. Thanks for the support everyone. And good job to all clean time. This site is heaven sent. Yeah goes by faster when you dont count huh. But this is the most important days to remember the beginning. And to remember how we did it.
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49 days for me can't believe it
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74 days clean from the pills....Congrats to everyone on your clean time...Angie ♥
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Congratulations to everyone on your clean time Whoo Hoo !! :))
2 years 4 months and 8 days !! still alcohol Free ! lesa
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Day 65 off pain pills and addaral still working on sub and xanax hope its ok to post that not completly clean  
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Yep it's okay to post on this.....Nice to see you are still working on the sub and xanax.
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8 or 9 years clean from speed, cocaine, mushrooms, and all other hard drugs. 1 year clean from marijuana. Still taking norcos for pain.
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Congrats to everyone on clean time!!

165 days for me.... Guard up
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Day 5....
Wow can't wait to post a higher number like most above! lol One day at a time right. Have met some amazing people on here.....Could never do this without them:)))
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38 FOR ME!! Stick to it it can be done... i was heavy into the oxi's n never thought id get off them but stick it out and it will work out... thanks all and gongrats to all... and thanks to all!! haha one day at a time!
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