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Anti-Vomit remedy?

I leave tomorrow for my planned detox vacation. I have 30 days to shake this addiction that has stuck around for the last two years, I detoxed briefly last weekend on saturday didnt shoot any oxycodone 30mg that afternoon and by 8pm the pounding head and body ache began. I started to feel some slight nausea but by 10pm I had to throw up I have only tried to stop one other time before roughly 6 months ago and I made it to like 12 days or something and gave in, On saturday I was sick from taking to many so thats why I just said what the heck why not just see what happens. Well I soon remembered the horrible feeling associated with detox. The worst for me is the vomiting, it is so intense and un stopable, followed by intense sweating and fever. I took 2mg of xanax at 3am after I couldnt fall asleep I was just feeling absolutely horrible. To my suprise the next morning I awoke feeling not as bad as I would have thought I guess, but still had and jumped right back on them. That was a fun experiment. not..

Basicly I know what is what, I have all the amino acids,multi v's and protein lined up. I will be out in the country at a lake house with my grandma and there will be no way around detoxing period. I feel if i can stay clean up there for that long it will give me a good chance to stick to it when I come back home in August.

To the main Title: & question I am wondering if anyone has some ideas on what may help the nausea . I know it is more then likely good for my body to throw up all that ****, It is by far the worst tasting vomit as well hah, its like a million xanax melting on your tongue in my mind atleast.

I am scared but really looking forward to this trip I was thinking I would be dead before I made it up there. Wish me luck folks as I have enough blues to get me threw the plane ride and a sleep over at my cousins and a two hour ride to the lake where after that I will be at the mercy of myself.

It is so beautiful and peaceful google; Rushford Lake,NY in the town of Rushford or Canadea. So I am thinking I will be able to manage better up there then down here knowing a phone call can fix it. I am praying my mind can take this abuse and still do me a favor and come back to life on its own when I stop. Im not happy with my happy pills anymore this has gone on for to long I want off,out anything but what I am doing right now :(
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I know of many prescription meds that are safe and you may be able to get from your doctor if you explain things. Compazine, Phenergan, Reglan, and Zofan come to mind immediately. They also can cause drowsiness, which may be helpful. Most nausea due to withdrawals is caused by excess stomach acid...so, a Prilosec every day may be helpful.
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not gonna happen, I was going to a pill mill, place is a joke 2-4 hours to get your meds waiting with out of state crack heads, I think I 'll just man up I put myself here time to dig my way out, thanks for the insight though.

What would happen if I drank a glass of milk then? wouldnt the base cause the acid amount to lower some? possible solution?
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No milk..try mylanta or something like that with a milky base to coat ypur stomach. There are also somee herbal meds that help with nausea..not sure which ones..you will have to research that. when my stomach was all messed up and was out of phenegran and compazine I would drink emetrol ..its otc. It may help. another thing that eases my nausea is pepto (it may not work as well for others though). Just a few suggestions that are otc. Good luck on your recovery.
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