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Antidepressants While Tapering off Methadone-Good Idea?

Hi Everyone hope your Monday is not so bad?? SO as my title of this Post says its all.....I am tapering off Methadone and wanted feedback IF I should begin a mild type of antidepressant??? IF yes, Whats is the best one to take?
I have taken them all in the past from Prozac to Paxil but that was 12 to 13 years ago and allot has happened in THOSE years with my latest being my addiction to pills to NOW tapering OFF Methadone??

Any advice from anyone that has had success with them while they detoxed off either  Opiates/ Methadone.... Do you feel that the antidepressant helped and give you a positive outcome???

I have a doctors Appointment  soon and would like to discuss it with her and have a little extra knowledge for  my alternatives?

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I don't have much knowledge or advice on antidepressants but wanted to check and see how you're doing. I do know that there are quite a few that are prescribed antidepressants while tapering or going through withdrawals. As long as they aren't any side effects between the methadone and antidepressant I don't see it hurting at all to try.

I'm sure someone with some knowledge on the matter will be along shortly.

I hope you have a wonderful week Kim!
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Thanks Brian I appreciate your concern...and so far I still feel ok..(KNOCK ON WOOD) for tapering like I did? I can say for a fact that when I did this back in November Im positive I jumped too quick I felt so good at the 25mg I figured what the H3LL, 7 days of being on 25mg's  feeling GREAT I'm just gonnna Keep going and taper down  to the 20mg---WRONG!!!!
Now that I gave the 25mg plenty of time to adjust I strongly believe FOR ME it has made a HUGE DIFFERENCE...
I have read allot about the depression people are just slammed with either during the taper of when they reach the FINISH LINE...so I'm just reaching out trying to get as much info as I can..again I know each person detox's differently and handles it differently....
I am already a very ACTIVE person-- always on the move--- so I am just trying to prepare myself .....getting each persons perspective on what they did or DIDN'T do....

Again thanks for your concern...Means SOO MUCH!!
have a great day...
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I am also detoxing off of methadone....I am on wellbutrin ( antidepressant) and buspar ( non-narcotic anxiety med.) I am scared to death so I'm trying to prepare....I was on 90 mgs a day on 40mgs a day now.....but, due to lay-off am getting ready to be kicked out of clinic I am in....I can not afford 100.00 a week. starting next wed. they are going to take me down 10 mgs a day till 0 .
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oh my gosh i am so sorry ....that is scary!! I can't imagine What your feeling?? Even from What Gnarly_1 has told me about tapering down like that is not a good Idea ...............but what do you do when you're layed off?? Cant you apply in your state for social security benefits??
God I am sorry....please RELY on Gnarly_1 for help...prayer and so much encouragment...he has been my savior thru this detox / taper.....PLEASE at least think about it....he is so knowledgable on Methadone....
I will keep you in my prayers and just HANG IN THERE,

God Bless you
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        If you are not depressed I would not take them these group of drugs are some what habit forming.  My wife takes them and if she misses one or 2 she has bad feelings. So if you are not so depressed I would not take them. Addicts have a built in disposition that we want to feel good all the time but that just aint the way it works so keep up the good fight and stay clean.
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thanks for the reply,......The reason for my inquiring about beginning them/discusing it with my doctor is so I am and have all the information i can gather...In the EVENT  that I "may" experience depression once I stop methadone
That has come from many  of the recovering addicts that used methadone for treatment to get off there addiction to pain meds they informed me of what THEY went thru & that they were so depressed along with other symptoms....
I am relying on my yoga, walking 5 miles 3 x's a week along with Biking as much as posible.
Also, from ALL the reading I have been doing while  going thru this "next chapter in my life" as I like to call it .....I have found that Some people are deficient in serotonin and hence a supplement, such as 5 HTP inncreases levels & may be helpful to them for depression or other conditions. Other people may have depression, "anxiety-( which I was diagnosed with 11 years ago), and other symptoms that may appear to be due to serotonin deficiency....
does drug abuse/addiction  CAUSE Serotonin levels to decrease?? that is still debatable in many case studies Ive read.....
All I know is when I tried and FAILED many times miserably tryinn it  "Cold Turkey", by the way, my longest EVER was 18 days in May of 2010, and by my 12th day I was so lethargic, i cried all the time, anxiety was off the chain, my heart rate was very rapid.... I felt WORSE than ever....therefore I caved in and went back to my doctor for my refill of Roxys.....then my dealer....then cycle STARTED all over again but that time, I noticed I was using 3 X's the amount before the C/T ...??
but since Ive been in treatment on methadone Ive not ONCE had a moment where I wanted to use, I've been So happy, as I was told by my husband of 17  years, together a total of 22 that:  "This is the women NOW, that  I fell inlove with 22 years ago the day we met"? my son even noticed I'm smiling and happy.....

so do I have or have I had bouts of depression in my past? YES...even as a young 19 year old I remember going thru...SOMETHING, just had no idea WHAT...back then in 1986  I was told by a doctor "your crying, the feelings of being just sad all the time, not feeling as though you are worthy of being alive are just typical signs that it's  "HORMONAL"...... well I said lets get the blood work performed and find out?? When it came in it  was fine....so he just said "its all in your head" to go see a Shrink......$75.00 dollars please.......next.....
anyhow my original point is I'm not looking to feel good all the time...i just want to explore my options....as I am predesposed Genetically to SEVERE depression from my mom, aunts, Brother, Dad its a family affair....just dandy Huh???
And I will continue to work out, EAT very healthy, drink my water which I love anyway....and keep my mind focused and think of other things.....But I will still keep my options open.
read Read READ everything I get my hands on about addictions, how it effects our brain  by using, even OUR eating habits contribute to SO MUCH OF the serotonin levels......

Again thanks for the reply and I will press on to FIGHT each day to stay clean...not just for me for my SON & husband whom I adore and love with all i am!!!

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