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Anxiety and LSD

Though many people may not understand I'm hoping that I find some people who can help.  I believe that I have developed a very serious anxiety disorder which now is leading to depression caused by MDMA and LSD.  I think this is mainly caused by LSD but I'm sure the MDMA has tied into it.  I just started taking LSD this past summer and have about 10 times total since. The very first couple times I took it, it was great but my last trip was a text book bad trip. Was at a concert and just wigged out.  I couldn't talk to anyone, i felt everyone was looking at me and was just overall embarrassed.  Now whenever i get into any social situation or gathering that same feeling of panic comes back and i feel like i did that night of LSD, it hards for menti even sit in class and not panic.  It is effecting my life drastically and its causing me to become depressed and just want to sit in my house alone so i won't freak out. I don't know how to tell my parents either, i feel like I will break their hearts.  I just really want my old self back where i was a very happy, outgoing person who loved life. If anyone has any advice of an experience with this i would love to know if this feeling ever goes away. I am definitely done with drugs for a while and even drinking.
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Most of the people on this board have abused opiates but I hope someone will come along soon that can help you.  Glad to hear you are done with drugs.  It sounds like LSD is not a good drug for you to take.  Good luck to you.
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I triped a lot on LSD  when I was a young biker if you over do it you can get the sideeffects of anxzity on the bfight side they will go away at lest they did for me time to stop messing with chemicals it lasted about 3 mo for me went to the doctor ans got xanex for the panic attacksjust lay off the stuff and in a few month you should be fine good luckand God bless     lllll   lGnarly
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Hi and welcome,

It's possible the combination of MDMA and LSD has effected your brain, your receptors..the good news is that the brain can heal.

"Neuroplasticity is real. The brain has a miraculous capacity to repair and restore damaged cells and pathways after trauma (whether its drug induced or physically/emotionally induced). Our thoughts and behaviors create neural pathways. That is why cognitive behavioral therapy is so effective. Learning to  change our thought patterns actually leads to the change in neural pathways...which can ease anxiety and depression. When new thought patterns are developed, those pathways are strengthened. If we continue to live in negativity then we create more depression and anxiety pathways and strengthen those pathways. In other words, you are what you think."
The best thing one can do is to try and stay positive and strengthen the "positive" neural pathways to increase the efficacy of serotonin and other neurotransmitters. This, however, is hard to do, no doubt. It is a setback (but not terminal).would you think about therapy?
All of us who have abused prescriptions or illicit drigs and end up here have to take time to heal. There is a can(at Walmart 15.00 2lbs) of Whey Protein Powder (chocolate, I'm told is best) mix w/ milk. It's filled with Amino Acids (building blocks for the brain) and lots of vitamins. Start there. I'm sure more people will chime in.
The besy thing you can do is stay away from these drugs. let your brain heal.
God Bless you..keep posting
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Regarding xanax or any benzo..well, I would stay away from them like the plague. Talk about messing with your brain..yikes! I am slowly tapering xanax..and though I am not having the more severe side effects of withdrawal...depersonalization, derealization..burning, tinnitis..depression, anxiety..the list goes on. Benzos have their purpose; which is short term..no more than a week..highly addictive. Try Yogi Relaxation Teas instead. Jus' sayin'...

It's that old expression; "if I knew then what I know now..."
I'd never have fiilled a script.
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Thank you all. Your responses are much needed and much appreciated!
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have you considered a small class of yoga?  My daughter is a teacher and swears that it saved her life by helping her with her anxiety.  She does not take meds and never has and she struggled until yoga.
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      I know what you are talking about bad trips are common with acid went cross a bridge one time while high on it seen 12 bridges got to work every thing was side ways that was bad I said no more acid for me if I live through this.  So go to meetings get a sponsor and post when you can.  Good luck.    
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I've done LSD 4 times and the last trip was horrible and I never did it since. But I have been diagnosed with A social anxiety disorder. I get really nervous and closterphobic (sp) around big groups. Or even something as simple as running to the store triggers it. It's just something I live with daily. So I kinda know what u mean. It's no fun.
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I'm definitely seeking therapy but the hardest part is how to explain to my friends and family.  My mom keeps asking what's wrong and I don't have the guts to tell her o started experimenting with drugs and it clearly took a turn for the worst.  
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it is good that you want to get off the drugs.  sounds like you have a very caring mom.
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Lynnalb15, I feel the exact same way. It's unbelieveable that i now get nervous just to purchase items at the store. Did you talk to a doctor? And if so what advise or medication did he prescribe to you? What is your best coping measurement?
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Also were you diagnosed with the social anxiety disorder before or after your bad trip?
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