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Anxiety attacks.

Did any one suffer attacks after stopping pain meds.. If so how long did they last..I no each person is different.. I still would like to know.. I had two. Strong attacks the first week.& I mild attack last week..
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I've had anxiety so bad I'm in tears for two days straight now and I'm only on day three!  Don't know when it will stop but it's making me crazy
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I had a few the first week or two...then it got better....then on day 23-24 i had one every day for about a week almost....i don't know where they came from...well other than our brain resetting itself.....but control your breathing....slow in...slow out...focus on one sound in the room and just block everything else out.....also google anxiety attacks and see what you can find out how to deal with it....hope that helps some...it DOES get better tho...i had issues at work and they only hit when i was there really ....when i got home didn't have them really...keep up the good work ladies!!  
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Issues like anxiety, shaking, stuttering are all common for primary withdrawal as well as PAWS.  I had some really strange issues like those above and crying spells for no reason and lack of concentration or as I called it "mush brain". What you are going through is normal and as much as its not easy to deal with..in time it does get better...
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Thanks ladies.. Did your throat fill tight.. Like someone grab it
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not really tight throat but felt like i couldn't catch my breath...and pulse racing etc....but just remember, it's TEMPORARY... that's what i'd tell myself when it hit....that it would pass in a few mins....and it always did...hope this helps!  and yes, it's very normal for WDs to have anxiety...unfortunately!  but it will get better!!
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Remember, after your acute withdraw, you still continue to have withdraw symptoms for a while afterwards with Post Acute Withdraw Symptoms (PAWS).  Those can include anxiety attacks, mania, depression, yawning, sneezing, lack of concentration, fatigue, etc.   All the symptoms you have during the acute period occasionally popping up here and there.   The time period for how long varies by person, how much, what and how long they used.   I was told the brain resets itself every 7 days the first month, then every couple weeks, then every 30 days, so you can expect to have these thing crop up from time to time for up to a year.  
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