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Anxiety from smoking pot.

I've quit smoking for about a good 5 months now, I wouldn't say I was addicted but I did smoke pretty much every weekend with a friend of mine. The thing that led me to quit was that for some reason my whole perception of life changed at one point and things honestly led me to believe that I was hopeless. Then I began noticing this lingering feeling of constant anxiety that I can't really seem to shake off. I thought I would eventually just move past it over time but it's been bothering me for awhile now and I hope its not permanent. It's been complicating my social life greatly and thats pretty much why I'm here. Does anyone have any advice that would help me unwind a bit?
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I have smoked pot pretty much daily for about 8-9 years and while I am experiencing major anxiety from quitting a 6-7 year opiate/opioid addiction I wouldnt know if not smoking pot over the last 20 days has added to that anxiety. I havent had much energy but I found taking on small projects and just getting out trying to do new things has helped me cope with it. I also just feel like somethings missing throughout the day with not being high and something as simple as a walk or bike ride helps ease my mind. I do know when I am sitting around with nothing to do or even just trying to watch a movie is when its the worst. Hope this helps in some way and best of luck to you.

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You know if this is getting a real problem for you then maybe go and see the doc.

People think cannabis is just a week drug but the truth is its getting stronger all the time. More worryingly pot has been linked to mental illness including schizophrenia.

I smoked pot for years and didn't have any real problems but I have a friend who has become very unwell due to it, hes now on medication for schizophrenia. The problem as well it normally leads to stronger drugs.

I don't wont to worry you but best to make that doc appointment.
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Is that a fact pot has been linked to mental illness and schizophrenia? I have never heard anything like that in my life after reading countless books and watching countless documentaries about pot and its short term as well as long term effects. Not doubting you, just never heard of that. Also saying it leads to stronger drugs is like saying milk could lead you to alcohol. There is nothing in pot that makes you want to do stronger drugs, the only thing is it puts you in the black market when you are buying it where you may be more susceptable to being offered a stronger drug. They say pot is gateway drug, when prohibition is the only thing that causes that. Just my thoughts.

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Well I can only tell you about my personal experiences. Out of about 20+ friends we all started on pot, yes your wright doesn't automatically been your going to take anything stronger and from about 15 years old to 18 years we didn't, but all of us apart from about 2 did take and try just about everything imaginable.

Now the difference between 'milk' leading to alcohol is milk provides no high! So a drug leading to a drug or in-dead beer to whiskey is the very fact of the 'high'. and to experience new and different highs. I think people who argue cannabis is safe would rather stay on drugs.(just what I think)

Google Cannabis and mental illness or visit:-


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My saying of milk leading to alcohol wasnt because of getting high, its because theres nothing in milk thats going to make you want to start drinking alcohol. As in theres nothing in pot thats going to make you want to start using heroin. If your one that chases a high, it will happen without smoking pot so I dont think you can blame it soley on that. And I would argue pot is safe (besides the fact you are ingesting smoke) and you have no idea what I am/have gone through to stay OFF drugs. There is no argument to be made that pot is 1,000 times safer than alcohol and alcohol is legal (makes zero sense). Maybe we have different views you being in UK and me in U.S but I respect your opinions. I will check out the site to see if theres some information Im missing.

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