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Anxiety is killing me

Well the last time I was here I had went 10 days without my d.o.c. Then I caved cuz the anxiety was so bad I could not function.  Well I'm back again & I really want to do this but the anxiety is getting to me again.  I can't breath at all.  I stand up & I feel like I am going to pass out.  Should I go to the e.r or just ride it out.  I was taking around 10 fioricet 3 every day, then when I didn't have those I would take norcos 10/250.  The last fioricet 3 I had was tuesday and the last norco I had was friday morning.  Just need some help cuz I really want to make it this time.  I end up taking another pill not because I want one because the anxiety is so bad I have to.  Any uplifting words or advice would really help.  I REALLY can't keep doing this!!
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<You can deal in a better way with the anxiety  than taking those pills so yes, there is hope  for you at the end of this tunnel, Hope4good :). Sometimes meds are prescribed for anxiety  and you might need them, talk to a doctor and i assume that you know about the breathing exercises and relaxing techniques ( meditation, yoga, hot baths )  and most of all, the  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, this is the best way to learn how to handle your fears, I can tell you from my experience that i am in a much better place with my anxiety thanks to therapy, i would encourage you to work with a therapist. About the panick attacks, it depends on how you are feeling, you might need going to ER where they can prescibe you some antianxiety med to ride the attack if you are feeling like panicking and really in a bad place.
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fiorcet has a barbituate in it...good idea to taper down off of it so the anxiety wont be so high...also, asking ur dr for sumpin safe for nerves/which there r not alot out there that r safe/may also help u get over the hump.
If u r having issues sleeping, there r some OTC drugs/supps/like valerian root that can help alot....small doses of valerian can help during the day as well with nerves.  Theanine, which is in real green tea also helps.  5htp and magnesium at night can help too.

I wish u luck.  hang tight
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The Valerian root does work. I had been taking OTC sleep aids for about a week. Last night I tool VR and some Melatonin, and was able to sleep. Your body is tired. Your mind keeps going. Treadmill helps too. If there's one thing I'm learning is that it's time. I told my wife today, that we should "give it till next Christmas" to see how I feel. It was kind of a joke, but when we've been taking junk for so long (mine was prescribed and used as directed), it's going to take time for the body AND mind to heal.

Hang in there. Hang on to your clean time. Your days will turn into weeks, and then into months. Even walking around the block can help. Listen to postive things on your MP3 player. Play a video game. And above all, don't worry about tomorrow or yesterday. The only day to focus on is today. Praying for you.
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