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I have had a little anxiety this afternoon/evening. Is this normal? I have generalized anxiety as is but was unsure how the vicodin affected that the past year. Confused on this, whether is legit anxiety or a side affect from being off vicodin?
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Sorry I don't know how long you have been going thru withdrawals but I do know that anxiety is quite common during detox.  I wasn't prepared for it the first time I quit and it hit me hard on day 10 and since I didn't have to go far to get pills, I relapsed.  

Many people find that valerian root or alteril help with anxiety.  
Since you have generalized anxiety, you may already have a script for something.

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I have always been prescribed Xanax but RARELY take it. Maybe once every few weeks. My brother passed away 5 years ago and since then I do have an anxiety disorder. Just not sure where this anxiety is coming from. I may make an appt with my therapist.
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Anxiety during detox is common.  With me it comes and go.  My anxiety goes through the roof almost every evening between 7-9 pm and then just pops up other times.  I basically try not to think on the things my anxiety brings with it.  I know that things are manageable, but maybe not at that very moment for me.  This is definitely one of those cases where you just need to have a little patience and it will go away.  Your emotions, all of them can be intensified during the detox/withdrawl period.  
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Anxiety is definitely one of the things we have to deal with when we get off opiates.  Many of us had/have major anxiety when the opiates leave our bodies.  
Here's something I posted for another forum member...maybe it will be of interest to you and help some:  This is just the first paragraph & the link:

"If you are no longer taking opiate painkillers after taking them addictively, it is normal to feel depressed, anxious and more sensitive to pain. These are not only common symptoms of opiate withdrawal, but also a natural byproduct of the reduced levels of neurotransmitters, including endorphins, in your brain, caused by taking opiates repeatedly. Fortunately, natural substances and healthy activities can boost your level of endorphins and elevate your mood."

This comes from a short article called "Natural Ways to Replenish the Pain Receptors Lost From Opiate Addiction".  I didn't realize our bodies produce at least 20 different endorphins.  Here's the article if you wanna read it:

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Hi Shawnee..Sometimes even after Detox, Stress, Depression or even people, places and things can cause some anxiety. Some things will happen in our life that will set us back emotionally like we are still in detox..I am not sure how many days you have in but if it is the detox stage it will pass..How long I can not say..All I know is that I have walked away from many, many drugs in my life and NEVER experienced the Anxiety to the Moon like I did over a year ago when I went c/t from Methadone and Adderral (that was not prescribed) and the Klons..Mine lasted so long and so bad that I was still rocking in a chair in my 45 days later as I slowly came back down to earth..I found out months ago that the benzo was the biggest reason why..I sure do believe this to this day..Never did the Methadone or other opiates alone last that long and that high off of earth..There are many Vit/Min that can help and also try to stay away from Caffeine and Sugars or Simple Carbs that turn right into sugar. Try to get some exercise in of some sort, which I think you already do if I am not mistaken..I wish you the best and try to stay away from stress.
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Thank you all! It was just like an icky feeling in my stomach but the crazy racing thoughts were not there which is VERY unusual for me when I get anxiety.
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