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Anxious and can’t stay focused

For the first time since I quit taking vicodin, 66 days ago, I am very anxious and can’t stay focused on the task at hand today. I have a lot of things to get done, but just can get it together. I have been struggling all day, any suggestions?
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Can you escape for a few minutes and take a brisk walk?  Sometimes you just have to get away from what you are doing for a bit.  Get the blood flowing a little it will produce some happy endorphines.  Don't forget to breath either..Deep breaths
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A brisk walk or a few minutes of exercise may help....I am feeling the same way
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same answer  LOL   perhaps I should go and follow my own advice
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I just did a little while ago.  CALL THE PARAMEDICS!  Pretty sure my body is in a complete state of shock!
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I snuck out the side door here at work and drove to the local Wal-Mart and did a lap. Still can't focus but the day is almost done, so maybe tomorrow will be better. Thanks for the help though.
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I love Wal Mart. It's the one place I get dressed up for.
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