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Any drug Any Time

This is probably a very general situation that many people have gone through but I am having trouble without going thru a rehab.  I have done basically any drug I could get my hands on during my lifetime and now I am 25 years old and just now finishing my college degree because I screwed up before (drugs).  I have done basically anything starting with lortabs and ultram in highschool and the first time i did coke was senior year.  I went away to college and that was basically the hitting the bottom for me.  I really have a strong will to stop and things like coke and heroin and designer drugs like ecstacy I can stay away from but when it comes to someone handing me a OC I just cant refuse.  I know I cant go through my life like this and I want to stop.  I have really no one I can talk to because my mom is totally against anything and if I said something she would prolly just disown me.  I just don't have the motivation to do anything if I dont have a painkiller sometimes.  I can go for days and even weeks with nothing but when I get the chance I rarely don't take it if it is a strong opioid or ect.  Anyone have the same issue and how did you take on the task to overcome?
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In the same boat. Except, I have stopped all of them. Doesn't mean that when my pain is like it is today, I want something............bad, I seem to have lost almost all my papers, and I have to go over everything again to get my memory back regarding the self help I gave myself.

If you stay  on this site, there will be people to help you.
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Yes, we've all been there before and know what you're going through. It is a difficult situation but it's whether you want to get your life back and if you're ready. I was an addict to Tramadol and I said "ENOUGH" and took my life back because I deserved it!! I know it's easier said then done but you CAN do it and being on this site will help you realize this! The road is hard and there are many bumps but it's sooooo worth being clean...TRUST ME! Hang in there and good luck! Everyone deserves a clean and healthy life! I'll tell you all about it once you get there cause you CAN!
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When your desire to get clean is stronger than your desire to get high then you will do whatever it takes.  Make you the No1 priority.  Find some type of recovery care and surround yourself with healthy supportive people.  You dont have to be a prisoner to these pills anymore.  We are here to support you~~~sara
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