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Any into Sports, GO HEAT, and FL going to take it all Sweet Sixteen

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Sorry but you are mistaken.........
Go Detroit Pistons.......

And go Georgetown
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Live : Go UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Also The Dolphins WILL be much improved this year /////Watch

Used to be a big time gambler, Vegas and all, Instead i give my friends inside. and it feels good to see them Win $$$

Im very good in college Football, If im am alive and here i will make some $$$
for the board. TRUST ME!!
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I invented football and the Detroit Lions will have a better record than Miami this year.........
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Took that, Now lets talk SPREADS, Now we gwt to the core!

Ill Stay arounf just for U, When Football starts I will give u friendly tips is all, bet em or not im 80%, Just dont want to go there my self, I wish i could give u referances,


Go Heat
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I'll take your pics, hub.  Im sure the book will be glad to hear from me.  OH GREAT!!  now all my money at blackjack.  thanks choo.  once and addict.....  Im going to find a GA forum..   :0

hahahahahahah - omg, i crack myself up
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Ask Wify when we go to VEGAS, we never pat for Chit, I play BJ, and Craps, I have tought her to be a very good BJ player. Last stay in Vegas RIO, w/ NY couple, 6AM before an 11 am flight ...cashing PURPLE chips, What a rush and the table was sooooo much fun, My wife wanted to leave but the NYers wanted the carma so they would give $$$ to stay at the table.    Bizzar We all made alot of $$$ that night...Two months prior went with the boys made $4000.00  Craps, So i really didnt pay for antthing.   Those were the days, Vegas wanted me to work in the culinary industry, we were looking for property, just fell through on my part....I will have a place out there somday, Golf, shows, dry Air. Lights, Action, Cool Place, Used to go there twice a year!!


HEAT WILLL KICK THE CHIT OUT OF DT> When it counts, !!!!


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you better stick to that dream.  what a life...............  

goodnight (all)......don't let the bedbugs bite!
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DWade and the Heat were handed the trophy last year (97 FTAs in 6 games?). Go Mavs!
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