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Any one else Sneezing?

I can't for the life of me stop sneezing...I sneeze about 10-20x per day; enough that it makes my back hurt like he**,

Anyone else experience this? if so, how long does it last?
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sneezing is part of the w/d process.  i am still sneezing to this day!!  not as much as the first few weeks though!!  sneezing/coughing are two big things that can happen during w/d.  it gets better :)

jess :)
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Everyone in the office keeps asking if i have allergies or if i'm catching a cold...lol...I tell'em, yup, allergies

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I sneeze bad and get the yawns too in w/ds.  I have those multiple orgasmic sneezes..one right after another.........
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Man, I thought it was only me!
I sneeze at least 3 times at once!
I sneeze all day long.
I do not have allergies to ANYTHING, so I guess it's WD's
Oh, about my husband driving naked:
He had back surgery, so I was sleeping in the other bedroom.
When I got up to check on him, he was NAKED lying across the bed. I then found BOTH back doors WIDE open. When I went to get in my car later that day, my seat was waaay back. I KNOW he hadn't been driving because of Doc orders. SOMEONE pulled my drivers seat as far back as it would go. And I'm 5"3! Anyway, thank goodness he was not in an accident or pulled over. We live in a very small town & he would NEVER live it down. We still laugh about it to this day. And he freaks out over the Ambien commercials! LOL!
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OMG YES!!!! All day long!
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LOL Bigalspal...thank God nothing serious happened...I'll make sure to have my wife lock the car keys if i take Ambien

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I foune this online -

One unusual cause of sneezing is drug withdrawal from opiates. Opiates make up many different legal pain relievers, and several illegal drugs like heroin. If you have been taking opiates for a long period of time, you can have withdrawal symptoms once you stop taking them. These can include runny nose and sneezing that may be caused by nasal congestion. Some people appear to suffer from chronic runny nose, creating greater likelihood they will sneeze frequently. This suggests that the presence of extra mucus in the sinuses is more likely to provoke the sneeze reaction.

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Sneezing is very common with wd.  You will sneeze for awhile.  It starts to slow up after a month or so............sara
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I really thought my toe were going to come out of my noise. I am still sneezing!
And it is never just once it is always 3 to 4 at a time. Scares the heck out of the cats lol

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Oh my gosh, that was funny!!!!!!!!  I have this mental picture of your cats climbing the curtains!!  I needed a good laugh!! and yeah, I sneezed like crazy and yawned till I felt my jaws almost locking!!!!

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OMG! And here I thought I was the only one..I thought maybe it was sinus. Pollen is getting really bad around here..And I can relate to the cats running in fear. If my Boston terrier is asleep (which he is most of the time) at first he would jump up and growl. They have about gotten used to it now. I guess I not so weird after all. Just what I needed a  good laugh..Thanks everyone.
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Im still sneezing on day 17 w/d but not the worst of my problems! I still have very little energy and getting out of bed in the morning just to get dressed is sometimes a up hill struggle. Does anyone know when I should even feel like housework!!! I am going out to work but it takes all my energy to sit at a desk all day, concentration coming back slowly. HELP! Just want to be normal again. whatever that is, I look at people walking by laughing and I want that to be me, Cant see forward right now! xxpinkyxx
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Good grief YES, On my 23rd day and still sneezing my brains out.  I still have low energy but it does get a little easier everyday.  OH MY GOSH here they go again,  4 sneezes in a row.  Wow,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!Hang in there, I pace myself right now, I am going to start back doing Yoga and Pilates next week, been on the treadmill twice this week. WOW, thought I was going to die after 10 min.  UGHHHHHHHH.  I will survive,   I think  LOL
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Yes, sneezing like crazy...  Helps to know this is normal. Thank you all for your writings. It helps alot.
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i thought i was the only one who got the whole orgasmic wind up thing that seems to last forever before the sneeze. whew! lol.   sway
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yep, i sneeze like crazy....5 or 6 or 7 sneezes at a time.....runny nose and some congestion as well.....but sneezing, definitely....my husband thinks it's the dust in the house.....ha!  anyway, can't wait to be through this......best of luck to you!   k.
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day 6 for me and yep still sneezing
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i needed that laught this morning!!!!thank god know one was hurt...
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For those that sneezed, Bless you!
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and God Bless You back!  :-)
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I was thankful the immodium worked early in my wd's with the power of the sneezing!!!!!
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