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Any other options if addicted to vicodin but still need painkiller?

Hi, I had oral surgery on my two bottom wisdom teeth 6 days ago. I have on vicodin for about long taking about 2 every 4 hours about three times a day maybe four. Usually painkillers make me sick ao I try to avoid them but I dont do well with pain so I have stuck with it. I am still experiances pain in my mouth, head and even ears from the surgery but had hoped to be off the Vicodin by now. But instead I feel thayt it is impossible to go without it now. If i go without it for more than 6 hours, not only does the pain in my mouth, head and ears return, but I become agitated, exeperiance anxiety to the point of crying and become very restless.  The vicodin is the only thing that calms me down and makes everything okay again. I know thst Ive only been on it for 6 days, but is it possible im addicted? And if so, what are my other options because I still need painkillers for the pain I am recieving from my surgery and ibuprofen and tylenol are not strong enough to help.   Please help me, Im in pain and scared because I dont want to be in pain, but I dont want to be addicted to a drug. Thanks,

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Hi~  I'm so sorry for you!!  Yes, you got excellent advice from above!!   It could be all of that: infection and dry sockets.  Dry sockets just kill !!!  Don't worry...you're not addicted. You're in pain and pain can make us so agitated!!  Take the pain med as you have along with Motrin. My dentist always says to take Benadryl 25mg and Motrin 800mg along with the pain med. Put a heating pad near your ear and alternate or a warm towel.
Call your oral surgeon in the morning so you can be seen.  Don't worry!

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it sounds like you may have developed what is known as a dry socket. this is very common following extraction, especially of 3rd molars. you should probably return to the dentist for the application of a sedative dressing, which tastes like crap, but brings much needed relief. wisdom teeth can cause all sorts of emotional highs and lows, crying, anxiety and depression. early thinking was that they took some of our wisdom out with the teeth, thus causing this seeming mental regression. it should pass within a few days. did you finish all of your antibiotics? the dry socket forms when the skin begins to grow back together ahead of the extraction site(socket). one way to tell if you have a dry socket is to have someone smell your breath. if it is fetid, you most likely have a dry socket. see your oral surgeon.
   sorry for the dental lecture. i worked in dentistry for quite a number of years. that combined with life experience has made me long winded. lol.        i know this isn't funny for you. pains bites! more pills lead to .......well......more pills. that's not good. defintely something you want to avoid. good luck, sway
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I'm not sure if you can get physically addicted to a pain killer in six days, but I guess you could be mentally or emotionally addicted to it.  Sometimes after a surgery people experience depression and/or anxiety, and it sounds as though you definitely have some anxiety.

You shouldn't take additional Tylenol if you're taking Vicodin as it has Tylenol in it.  You can take ibuprofen, which helps things other than pain; it helps inflammation.  So if they told you to take the ibuprofen, take it.  It will help even if you're on narcotics.

Mouth pain can be very, very painful.  I'm not sure what kind of oral surgery you had or what they told you the recovery would be, but if everything went well, I'd think you should be on your way to feeling better.  If you're still having acute pain, you should get in touch with your oral surgeon to find out what's going on.  It's possible you have an infection, which could be why you're still having significant pain.
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