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Any suggestions for natural sleep aid?

Just finishing up my day 6 and so weak. I've been keeping up my food and drink even though it doesn't stay with me very long, but what is killing me is lack of sleep.  I get just over one hour a night of sleep and that's with my zoplicone.  My brain has put up such a barrier.  I'm thinking of it as a separate entitie right now, torchering me.  How do I get some sleep!!!
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i use Alteril or Nature Made "Sleep" ... both are natural and you can get them at the drugstore.  hope you get some sleep soon!
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Meeg had good suggestions so try them out.  Sometimes during wd's nothing works except time.  Hopefully you are snoozing away right now~
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I've used Alteril and found it to work great.  I had used Ambient but found the hypnotic effect was a problem for me.  
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Hello, I'm w/d from opiates and im having similar issues. Don't know what your w/d from but they sound similar. I get about 4 hours of sleep at night then I wake up (never able to go back to sleep) sweating and I'm on day 21. Most physical symptons are gone, but sleep is still an issue but the first week getting no sleep to get 3-5 hours each night is a blessing. I found getting physically tired just makes things worse, do you ever just get tired to the point you lay there day dreaming but like a deep day dream? It's weird
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Forgot to say " melatonin" I's a OTC sleep aid, it helps you stay asleep and helps you fall asleep look into that!!
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Hey mad max, i just read a bunch of your posts and for sure we are going through the same thing.  I've been clean for 6 days and tapered for 3 weeks prior to the, so I've been in withdrawal for a month.  A month with no sleep.  You bet I have those days that seem surreal, just laying there.  Thank god I'm retired.  Can imagine all the poor folks that go through this and have to get up and go to work.  I've tried the melatonin and it didn't work for me, but a couple of friends in this thread have suggested Alteril.  I'll go get some today and let you know if it works.  Hope it's available her in Canada!  Add me as a friend and pm me if you would like to chat.

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Thanks to all that responded!
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I read all I could get my hands on during w/drawals about getting off opioids and several "nervine botanicals" suggested (I took ALL of them..lol) were:  lemon balm, passion flower and valerian root~
Nervine means it works on our messed up central nervous systems~

P.S.  I did not know about Alteril until I found/got on MH 55 days in...but it has four 100% all-natural main ingredients:  Valerian root, Melatonin (a hormone), plus 2 amino acids, namely L-Tryptophan and L-Theanine.
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Realax-Mag and my D3 Oil work good now but not sure during w/ds. My sleep was NO sleep forever. Make sure the room is cool and dark. Turn off all lights and blinking lights. Put some lavender smell in the bedding too!

Sometimes we just can not fight it. Time will heal and all you will want to do is Sleep. I called it my "Catch Up Sleep".

You are doing just fine and we are proud!
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Hi  well I found a really good tea that helps  it is ''traditional madicanals nighty night''  you can get it at walmart or on line  just seap 2 tea bags for 20 min  add some honey for flavor in a 1/2 hour your ready for bed.....now during detox nothing seams to help  like Sara said with time your sleep will return  it comes back in baby steps  first a hour here and there  then a few hours  then more  it is different for everybody  congrats on breaking free  this is just one more stepp to recovery..................................Gnarly
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I would if I knew how ha, sorry I'm on the iPhone its frustrating I'm patiently awaiting my lab top to be fixed. Anyways how did the ateril work? Ya the melatonin didn't work for me either but I've heard a lot of people say it did. I just take a hot shower and then lay in front of the fan in bed and that usually makes me drowsy but it's a 50/50 If I fall asleep. I actually woke up this morning so frustrated I scremed the F word and basically everyone woke up and I looked like a pyscho. Then my dogs wanted outside so naturally I threw them in the garage so I didn't have to deal with them. It's like 3 am by the way but I'm starving yes im heating up TV dinners and the meat is cold in the middle so here comes the mood swings I just throw it on the floor. Plus I left it there and then let the dogs lick it up before the lady sees it, kind of a weird morning!! If you get out, turn on your radio it does help!! I've been drinking sodas and eating candy like a 7 year old cause I've heard it helps dopamine which is the feel good chemical. Working out is out of the question I have twice since w/d started but mentally it isn't happening for awhile.. Cravings are so strong lately, my addict mind is looking for anything to abuse I want a cigarette every 5 minutes, I smoke a pack a week (normally). I actually had to go to work almost every day when first quitting opiates I didn't take vacation til yesterday so I get till Monday off. Which I'm thinking is a mistake considering im trapped in my thoughts now, only reason I took vacation was because of the depression and cravings, figured by now if be okay. How are you doing?
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hope you are doing better, Sleep is one of the last things that will return to normal and that's one thing that we need to stay normal hahaa but just try the OTC meds but in my condition I found taking to much made matters worse but the one that worked best was "sleepy time tea" from Vons I wish you the best in the battle.
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Well I tried Alteril and I could only find sleepy time tea at Walmart here in Canada.  Nothing is working.  My Fitbit says on average over the week I'm getting 1hr 15 min a night but during that time I wake 5 times and am restless 7 times.  So my average actual sleep time is 30 minutes a night.  Thing is I'm not tired during the day.  Just frustrated and it makes the day soooooo long!  My fever came back this afternoon and back pain is off the charts.  Time for another hot bath.  My poor skin!  Thanks everyone for all the great suggestions.  I'm going out tomorrow to check shoppers drug mart.
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I just ordered calm support and with it a friend told me to take kava kava, there are some reviews on Amazon if you wanna check it out but from what I heard it works well.
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Let me know how that works for you.  I've bought so many vitamins I'm broke.  These babies are expensive!
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I take melatonin but i dont know if it helps now....it did nothing for weeks but the lack of sleep made me crazy over time....I wasnt sleepy during the day but I had many times i felt...odd...from so little sleep...it was nighttime when I wanted so badly to sleep that I would just cry....it is better now finally and most of the time I would be okay accepting that I was not going to sleep....but I do have to work every day and I have a lot of people depend on me so I knew my lack of sleep was detrimental to my performance and I would worry about that laying awake to.....still no amount of telling myself I had to sleep made sleep come any sooner...I hope for you sleep comes a little more every night....
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I tried melatonin and it didn't work for me.  Nothing is working for me so I just keep busy during the night doing light housework, exercising and reading this forum.  There is no way I can just lay and bed and wait all night.
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