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Anybody ever read

The book that came out called "A million pieces"?
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Are you talking about that James Frey book "A million little pieces"...or is it a different book??
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Tell me more...I have one for you too sir.   Forgiveness.........
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I tried to read it and wanted to pull my hair out!!  I don't know what everybody  saw in that book it just plain annoyed me..........but doesnt' everything......lol.

Loved it when Oprah spanked him on National T.V.
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you probably loved it beach.  Even though it is fiction.  and all made up in his mind.
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I just finished it I had to read it for a homework assignment in one of my classes and write a paper on it.....
I started writing this morning I was just trying to get some input from some others who read it.....
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So what was your thoughts?

why would you think that I loved it?
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Yes GG its the same book I made a mistake with the title........
did you happen to read it I would like your thoughts........
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I can tell you this BEach, my husband was infatuated with the book. As I have said, he and I were addictes together. ANd he was also Bi-polar. And really found comfort in that book. I am not sure why, but am thinking about reading it to find out. The only thing I know is the Oprah controversary. And also, my husband telling me about the dental part of the book.

I think I will get it though....

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I guess i think you would have enjoyed reading it because from what i know of your story you could really relate to such a compelling account of this mans journey thru addiction.  I just didn't get that riveting--couldn't put it down----feeling everyone talked about.  And, yes the dental account of having dental work with no anesthesia. Didn't even make me clinch.  I wish I could give you more of an opinion, but I just couldnt read the damm thing........it made me dizzy and aggravated.  His ability to write is very good.   and its too bad he got busted.  I know when I have a book and i start skipping chapters or start reading the book from the end to the beginning......its not the book for me.  but for a drug addict his account of of such graphic detail and the abilty to express it such made me suspicious from the get go.  Beach, what did you think of the book and did the controversy change the way you felt about the book.???

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I LOVED it.  I couldn't put it down.. nor could I have given a rat's a** that he took "a few liberties."

A brilliant read, in my opinion...
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No, I never did read it. I've always been scared to. I'm afraid it will stir emotions in me that I don't want stirred. If you recommend it, I'll read it though. What's your review...yay or nay?
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I read it as soon as it came out. Being an aspiring writer myself (and yes i really mean aspiring) it was well written. He did really well describing the hatred of one's self during the beginning of recovery, as well as describing the beauty that can come along directly after that pain. But that is all strictly from a writer's point of view. I took it as " a story" and thats about it. A good work of fiction. He's lost credibility to me as someone who came out of "the darkness", because he exaggerated so much. That only proves that he didn't care about just getting his story out, he cared about exaggerated in order to make it seem more profound and make more money. I would have been just as happy hearing his story in truth. Probably would have liked it more. But hey, he had to have the upper hand somehow on all the other million books about an addicts life. So as a work of fiction, it was good. Nothing I would use to educate other addicts though.

The best book on this subject is one called "candy"...it's incredible.."trainspotting" as well
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