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Anyone around to Celebrate a few days later??

5 Years over a week ago on the 21st!
I sure do miss these type of post when we would Celebrate our time on here. I was not going to put this up, but thought, what the heck!

On Sept 24 2017 I hit the 5yr mark and on the 21st I hit the 32yr of being married to my Love. I owe alot of my clean time to this site. Lots of ppl come and go and some stick around. To those who are still here, I want to Thank You for helping me get to this point. Outside Support helped Big Time too. Now I am involved with my Church and other Church activities. I still shed a tear or two for all my family members & pets that had past during my first few yrs of Recovery, as they were so proud of me and said so, and a bit of Health issues..Life goes on and I will keep stepping forward, overcoming any obstacle that is put in my way with the help of my lord. THANK YOU MH Friends for your Support all the way!!
I sure do miss so many ppl who were here all the time when I first joined this site back in 2012. I remember that I had 3months clean time in already and came on here like a Ball of Fire..ha!! Blessed to have met so many of you caring & sharing ppl on here too!

PS..Plz send some Prayers out to those who got killed and wounded in the Las Vegas shooting. They claim it is one of the worst shootings in the US history.

Bless All
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Awesome to read this!  I needed something to cheer me up b/c this Vegas issue is killing my soul.  I'm at a loss.

You are an added asset to this site....keep coming back!

Much Love,
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Hey girls......grats to you Vicky!!!!!! I'm here...I just can't handle this new format!!  It really socks! Wishing you all the best this world has to offer. Much love and as always thank you for all YOUR support here on this wonderful site. Xoxo
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Congrats on 5yrs V That is Awesome! lesa
LOL...Checking in for the first time in years....Congratulations my friend. Sending much love and this deserves a wabbawabba<3
Thought it was 10356 posting but kudos to you Vicky. That's awesome.
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VICKIE!!! A humongous congrats to you. You are one of the few still here and I admire you so much for that. You always have an interesting angle with your advice. Many more years of sobriety and health to you:)
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Congrats 5yrs is awesome.
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Sept 24th is a very important day in our world isnt it!!  Congrats on 5 yrs clean!  I remember when you first came to the forum, seems like just yesterday.  You have overcome many obstacles and i couldnt be more proud of you.  Thank you for allowing me to walk this road with you.  Love you Vic~

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy anniversary! I haven't been on in a while, so glad to come back and see this! I celebrated 3 years on August 10th. I can't thank these people and this site enough for all the help, including the years of struggles before I got clean. Congrats again, good to see you!!!
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Congrats hmf on 3 yrs clean!!!!
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Hello Everyone - Good to see that you're still here Dominosarah!  I need to look around and see who else I know here now.

I hit 4,500 days a couple of weeks ago and remain very involved in the recovery community in my area. Staying active in recovery is why my days keep adding up. When I insisted upon my top secret, all-my-way recovery program, the longest I made it was 58 days.

For the longest time I thought that the object was to never given in, never let "them" break you, never stop fighting. I didn't start getting better until I learned, and came to believe, that the object is to surrender. Indeed, the one who surrenders the most wins.

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CATUF!!!  What a pleasant surprise to see your name!  I have missed your words of wisdom~
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Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! You brightened my morning! Thank you
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Nice to see you Dee!!
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Hi everyone... most of you don't know me, but I happened to see Vic's post and just stopped to say congratulations on hitting your 5 yr mark and to others for your hard work and success.
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Hi Barb!  Thank you for always being encouraging!  It is appreciated!
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