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Anyone else have Long term Chronic Diahrrea after stopping NORCO?

I have been researching different data and started using NORCO 15 years ago.  The first few times I got off it, I used Imodium and after a few weeks I was fine.  I went off them about a year ago (never abused) took them as prescribed for legit chronic pain.  However, they made me so lethargic and now when I withdrew cold turkey 3 weeks ago, the horrible wheezing and cough.. It was the worst ever.  However, the last time i withdrew over a year ago, I had so many GI tests and nothing was found.  I am reading that the same neurotransmitters in the brain effect the digestive system and I am almost positive it has been altered.  I hate the chronic diarrhea.  I have tried Imodium, Metamucil, Viberze and nothing works... I went back on Norco in May after a bad car accident and 6 months later I have been off for 3 weeks and the diarrhea is awful.  I loved having regular bowel movements on the norco and yes there was some constipation.  I am shocked that the medical community has not addressed this especially since they are now discouraging opiates for chronic pain.  My pain is manageable, the diarrhea, not at all.  I want to go back to work... how can I with this going on.
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I'm having a little trouble following your timeline, but you stopped norco 3 weeks ago, yes? Hell, I have diarrhea for almost 2 months after I quit. That is very common. It takes a long time for our bodies to recover. Often months, not weeks. Hang in there.
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Our internal organs take a beating during our pill use and it takes time for everything to heal.  I remember having diarrhea for quite a while too.  Bland food sometimes helps.
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..I am on 14 months clean after over a 15yr abuse of oxy...avg 150/180mg daily...all prescripted to me...I had diarrhea first month..then it stopped for a whole month then came back for another month...looking back I was always looking for that feel great day but ive come to relize it was at like a 10% per month better..very slow...some days were good some were bad...it even changed by the hour...on day four I got a bad dry hacking cough and p[ost nasal drip, that I sti;ll have to this day...its slowly has gotton better but still bad..the dry tickling in the throat starts the coughing...I had physical and alls well...also got a detox rash on stomach that comes and goes....this is my experience as a long time opiod user...still very glad I quit,....
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