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Anyone heard of Waismann Method for Suboxone Detox?

The PM doctor gave me Subutex, then Suboxone because I had withdrawal from Hydrocodone that the surgeon gave me. After my first operation on my back, I stopped taking it after a week when I thought the pain was gone. I went into severe w/d for 36 hrs and suffered the next two months with nausea, headache, spasms & shakes and unable to sleep. Then I had surgery on my neck and despite my wishes, they gave me hydrocodone again. This time, after trying to taper from the hydro (which made me almost as sick everytime they reduced the dosage), I went to a new PM doctor who put me on Suboxone for about 6 months. Now that I have stopped the Suboxone completely, I'm in w/d AGAIN! In my desperate search for relief, since the Dr. is a jerk and just says "I can't believe you are so sensitive," I found a Website that talks about the Waismann Method, where they put you under anesthesia and literally "change the opiate receptors in your brain." Has anyone heard of this?
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hi' i just wrote to you and lost a whole little summary of my adictions/story, anyway, i was looking though some stuff and found some of the stuff you read and posted about mind/body medicine.instead of me writing all that again, i guess just check my profile and i was seeing if you had more suggestions about natural methods of dealing with chronic pain. i use to drink like a fish 24/7 until 95',so i've been sober going on 12 yrs.then the anxiety/deppression hit full tilt then several 6yrs, ago i had the fall that caused all my back problems,but i'm a medical person by profession and would ratherdeal with things the natural/holistic way. if you could help i'd appreciate it>> thanks
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Thanks everyone! Another bubble of hope is burst! Ibkleen--yes I tapered from .5mg 2x/day to .125mg every 27hrs. Avisg--that is a powerful article! I sent an email to the clinic offering the method and I am going to ask them what they can do for a guy who has already (HOPEFULLY) gone through the worst part already. I'll ask them about PAWS also. I read about that after my first w/d but forgot about it since I was on a program with a PM doctor. I just want my energy back and to stop being nauseaus and have a headache all the time. Thanks again for your advice.
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I am not an expert, but i heard that this method only gets you through the accute w/d's (1st 3 days). You are probly already there.

That method does not get you completly through w/d
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it is very very dangerous ,not a good choice .if you click on my name in blue it will take you to my profile .look for my journal in there is an article about this .......I am sorry you are struggling so much ,withdrawl can be hell ,but you can make it threw.
good luck
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It sounds like PAWS to me.

Anyway, yes I have heard horror stories about the method. I have no personal experience, but I would be wary if I were you.

Did you taper off of the Sub?
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