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Anyone on Zoloft for depression

My addiction psyc. put me on Zoloft because I am worried about depression returning during the wean from Subs. Just wondering if anyone is on it and their experience. Any side effects, does it help? I realize we all react differently to antidepressants but just curious as to other experiences? Thank you.
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I was on Paxil which is also an SSRI (same type of antidepressant). But I only took it temporarily... I didn't experience any negative side-effects like a lot of people do in the first couple of weeks and my anxiety level did start to noticeably drop after the second week. Around the third week I think it really started to help with depression.

But overall, I think the thing that helped me the most was just the lowering of my anxiety level in the wake of withdrawal as I started sleeping better (a complete eight hours straight finally), and eating better (Paxil made me HUNGRY!). Those two things alone made me feel so much better and got me out of a bad cycle I was in. I recently stopped taking it to see if I can continue to sleep well and eat well - and so far so good.
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My husband was on Zoloft a few years ago,it didn't work for him,but that doesn't mean it won't work for you.I can remember his doctor telling us he would need to be on it for 2 weeks before he would really be able to feel whether it was working for him or not.I think the important thing is to keep good communication with your doctor and if the medication is not helping you the way you wish to be helped by it let him/her know as soon as possible.My husband had to have his antidepressant switched twice before he found the one that worked for him and once he did it worked wonders.Goodluck to you.I will pray that the zoloft does the trick for you,but if it doesn't don't get discouraged,it just means that something else might work better for you to help you through this. Peace..
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I been on Zoloft and Paxil. I didnt like either one. Zoloft never did anything for me, good or bad. Paxil did make me sleepy and helped with my anger and anxiety. It also helped me gain a lot of weight. What I really didnt like was that those are drugs that you cant stop cold turkey, you have to wean yourself off. When I stopped ct my depression came back 10x worse. I havent been right ever since.
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i have been on zoloft for years now.  when i first started taking it, it made me a little jittery and kind of wired.  but after a while my body got used to it and it really helped.  It took about 2 weeks for it to kick in though.  The only thing is like the previous person posted you can't just stop taking it or you will get depressed BAD.  Just be careful on anti's because it took me a long time to find the right one for  me because alot of them made me more depressed than I already was.  Good luck to you
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I took zoloft for several years earlier in my life. It made me have no energy and not care what went on around me. I then tried the Paxil and gained about 12 pounds so stopped it...I really don't get the anit-depressants. Everyone I know takes them except me now. They make "me" feel very tired and have no energy. It's like they make you down instead of up and feeling good so I just didn't ever get it.
Too many people take them for them not to work so good luck.
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I guess everyone has different reactions and it depends on ur cheical make up...most have made me wired a bit and difficulty with sleep.....my daughter takes zoloft and it helps her tremendously...i pretty much dont take them but did take lexapro for a couple of months around detox...after my divorce i took elavil and it helped me sleep at the time...i was very depressed and stressed and i stayed on it for 2 years... got off without any problems...i think there has to be a chemical imbalance that matches the AD to be of benefit to you
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