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Anyone on?

Just had a question for tonight but don't feel like typing it out unless I know it's going to get answered.
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It's morning here. You still here?k
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Hi Ronda....what is the question???  it is always slow around the holidays people are preparing for  family friends  be we still have people that read daily like myself and will be happy to answer your question  please post it...........Gnarly
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What's Up??
I know it has been hours and hours since you put this in..It was real late too.
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Sorry all. I just had a concern but that has came and passed. Today is my first day of withdrawal coming off 10-11 10mg hydrocodone. I think that's the most I've ever taken for an extended period of time and currently my body is hating me.
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Hang tight Ronda.  You can do this.  In a short time your body will start loving you~
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