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Apotex 75 mcg Fentanyl patch

I was prescribed this brand of apotex 75 mcg for lupus. Im finding it really doesn't help enough as the dr says. Every appt he bumps it up higher. My question is I have heard u can cut some
Of it off al pull this glue type substance off the patch. Is this safe? At a small amount of course, not the whole patch. Do I chew the glue or suck on it and for how long? And also swallow when I am finished. I don't want to OD on them
I just need a little more pain relief!! Please
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Pleased I don't want to OD I just want to be able to function daily at work!!
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No no no!
Please don't do this.  Yes it is possible for you to OD.  If you are not getting proper pain relief you may also need a breakthrough oral medication.  DO NOT MESS WITH FENTANYL.
Fentanyl is not a good med for chronic pain.  What other meds have you tried for Lupus?  I have 4 serious chronic pain illnesses (Crohn's Rheumatoid Arthritis Interstitial Cystitis and Stage 4 endometriosis) I ended up on Fentanyl before and after my last surgery.  Not only did I not find it effective for pain relief but it made me weepy and lethargic.  
Ultimately no opiate is going to be good long term.  Our bodies build dependence and we need more and more to achieve the same effect.
They can also induce hypergelsia which means they CREATE more pain by creating more pain receptors.

I found that I functioned better and was in 90% less pain off opiates than on, until a recent relapse of my endo.  I'm back on opiates briefly until surgery but will taper off as soon as my healing begins.
Please talk to your doctor before making any changes or trying any dosing yourself.  It is dangerous and can not just lead to OD'ing but it is also addictive behaviour.  Since you posted on a substance abuse forum I am wondering if this is a fear you may have?
I know it is terrible living in chronic pain, but there are alternatives to opiates.  It's harder work to see what combo works for you, but is better in the long run for many.
Take good care...
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