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Just received an appointment for June 17. It says for an assessment. Im in the uk. What will they do with me n why so long to wait???? If i stick to my 15mg x 4 mg taper (my mam has posted all the pills back to me through the letterbox) then will i need this appointment or their help? That will show im not an addict right?
What do i do?????!
Im going to go but i dont want to go at same time as im scared n as it's only codeine they may have a right go at them for wasting their time or take my child away???
Advice pls?
Evey xxx
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n as it's only codeine

Did you read the info from the link I posted the other day about your "only codeine", and how it's made from the exact same thing heroin is, and that is in metabolized into Morphine?


I would highly recommend you reading the info on the site, many times, and carefully.  Codeine is an opiate like all others, just as addictive as heroin, it hits the same receptors in the brain.  I know you've convinced yourself that it is harmless, or not as harmful as other drugs (like heroin or morphine), but you're very wrong.

The people who will help you will hopefully start educating you about all of this, since we have been unable to do so.

Yes, you still need help, even if you stop taking codeine 100%.  Your Mom giving you all of your codeine back is extremely dangerous.  I sincerely hope you can stick to what your doctor ordered until your appt, because I'm not sure what shape you would be in if you continue to take such high amounts for 2 more months.  You are in a crisis situation with your usage.

You need help...accept it, embrace it.
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Nah im sticking to it now I've only had 4 of them.
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as nursegirl said, please, do educate yourself about addiction... you think it is only codeine and that the moment you want it, you will stop taking them and no problem, easy said, easy done... I am afraid it is not that easy...why did you relapse? you might find a lot of excuses but the point is that you are mentally and emotionally hooked to this "only codeine", it is more powerful than you might think.. Please, follow any of the advices that people have given to you here.
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What will they do with me? I have to have an assessment.
What will happen?
Please can someone from the UK reply as it may be different in different countries. Sorry not trying to be rude.
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I know you are not rude, no problem..

for the relapse, i mean that you didn't take the codeine for some time and then you started again soon after wds..
anyway, hope you find the answers you are looking for, good luck !
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Nah im sticking to it now I've only had 4 of them. .

Is that what you're supposed to take total in a day?  If you have adhered to that for today, then that's progress.  You must work to keep that going.  When you start to feel w/d symptoms (and you likely will dropping so significantly from 700mg to 60mg) is when it will become harder to stick to the doctor's orders.  

We've given you lots of advice about how to handle that, ways you can help to ease w/d symptoms.  It would be far better if you tried some of those methods, versus just taking more codeine.  THAT is one of the habits you're trying to break, among others.  THAT would be a great start.

You can always call the people back too, and ask if they have a cancellation list.  A lot of places do, where if there is an opening due to a cancellation, they can try to get you in sooner.  Did you have to give them any info over the phone about your usage?  I think if they got the whole picture, they might either try to fast track you to an appt, or even recommend other options.  If they didn't ask, it wouldn't hurt to call them and let them know the extent of your habit, so they have an idea.  Especially if your doctor doesn't know the full extent...they wouldn't either as he is the one who referred you to their organization.  It's important that they know.

I would give them a call, it wouldn't hurt.  While you're waiting, you can start going to NA meetings, to meet other people in similar situations who can guide you and support you.  I know, you have a child and are a single mom.  NO doubt your parents would babysit for you to go to a meeting.  They wold probably be thrilled to see you taking the initative.  There are no reasons on Earth you can't go.  You don't have to even speak a word, just sit, and listen, and observe.  

There's a lot you can do on your own to jumpstart the process before you get to your appt.  Just getting off the pills is only one aspect of recovery.  
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Good points above. The reason it takes so long, that's just how many people are addicted, because opiates are that addictive, including codeine. I remember when I started taking methadone. I thought, that's what they give heroine addicts to get clean, can't be that bad. You see, codeine had stopped working, even at 200mgs a day. You will need help in June, possibly more than you need it now. The will encourage you to take a fearless, honest, and thorough moral inventory. Addict or not, who couldn't benefit from that? Hey, it sounds like you are taking some action, that's great. Keep searching and you wll find what you are looking for.
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Please can someone from the UK reply as it may be different in different countries.

Hopefully someone will, so you can get a better idea.  To be honest, the BEST people to ask would be them...give them a call and just ask!  It's that easy...tell them you would like to know what to expect. I'm sure they would be happy to explain it to you.

Even if someone posts who has gone through their program, your experience may be a little different, as most agencies develop individualized plans based on the needs of each person.
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What do you think an addict is?
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I cant help thinking though as soon as this is finished i can have them n no one will kniw as really im doing this for my family as they keep going on at me. Ive only had 5 n a few solps which is good considering i was taking 700mg a day. Nah im not having withdrawals at mo had a walk today n feel a bit anxious n frustrated over things.

I really dont want to wait 1 n a half month it is taking the -****.

Sorry i'm not going to NA as i don't belong there. I am British we do things differently here. NA is for real drug addicts n I'd be laughed out of there.

Evey x
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Someone who is addicted.
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Thank you x
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