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Approaching 17 weeks clean unreal!!

Never thought I'd get this far but glad to say I've survived the holidays and still going strong. Now I just need to get past New Years!!!! Excited to be starting a new year with a new look on life. That being said I hope a lot of yall had fabulous Christmas and looking forward to a happy happy new year!!
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Congrats on 4 plus months!!!!  Plan an evening at home on New Years.  Get some good vittles and rent a movie.  Leave the partying to the amatuers!!  The only thing the New Year changes for me in my daily living is getting used to writing 2016!!
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Awesome sauce!!!! Congratulations to you and all your hard work.....so do you feel a difference from day 1 to now???
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Hey Max congrats on over 4 months clean  your doing great.....it is always good to see someone following the advise we give here day after day  your doing the deal working the N/A progam and living in recovery....my friend it only gets better from here...thanks for being part of my recovery and thanks for sticking around to help others
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