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April Roll Call

Another month down and some new people here so brag away on your clean time. Maybe this month you could say how often you crave also to see the differences in cravings and clean time.

Today i will be 155 days clean from cocaine and 36 days from alcohol. At this point I seem to crave only about once a month and they are nowhere near as intense like before. It's amazing cause for the first month clean, i woke up craving and went to bed craving and at this point I don't have to fight like I did before:) Never let our guards down though. Brag away!
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216 lovely beautiful days post suboxone.  Loving life more each day.  My cravings are much more rare than they were before.. and really I only get them when I am bored.. they are also much much less intense at this point in time.

2 not-so-lovely not-so-beautiful days since a cigarette.  ouch.  I don't even want to talk about it.
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2 1/2 years clean from vikes.
401 days clean from methadone.

It's been a few months since I had a craving.Although I do have to say that when I get a craving now,they just seem to come on fast and out of nowhere.In the beginning it was more as if I could feel one starting to brew and it would gradually become more intense.Now they come on more like a totally unexpected sucker punch.They don't last anywhere near as long as they used too and they are certainly not as frequent.I have my plan in place though.I get on here and post or hit a meeting or call someone or all 3.Most days I'm just living my life again and life is great!!!!!!!!!
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344 days off vicoprofen....

2 days till i am 7 yrs sober....

Life is good!!!!
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6mo and 4 days norco free..
21 mo alcohol free...
33 yrs Heroin free....
I agree.. Life is good :)
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freedom 8-23-04
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Saturday March,11, 2009
Took off my Fentanyl patch.
Took a few Darvocet during first week, but nothing now.
Husband is home off the road & I had a MAJOR craving, but it's all good.
My husband LOVES to work in the yard & can't sit still, which is ALL I've wanted to do, but him being so active has been a GODsend.
He's been so understanding about my WD & addiction that I just made myself get up (away from puter) LOL! & go.
He has to leave tomorrow, so I'll miss the constant activity.
He's a great cook & has made me round! I needed to gain some weight & I have!
Anyway, I feel great at almost a month.  
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23 days! Cravings still come but I have learned how to fight.
For some reason Monday's seem the worse and rainy days. But I will win.

My husband is also supportive. That really helps.

Congrads to all who are fighting the fight!!

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281 off crack and booze
48 days non smoker

I can tell you it is just getting better and better.............more to come lol
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Five months free of Vicodin.
Two months off the Tramadol.

Man oh man, does it feel good to say that.  In fact, it just feels good.

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215 days free from Lortab!  WOOHOO!!!  

Congrats everyone on your successes and you're all doing so good!  It gets better and better every day - it's just one baby step at a time!  

Stay strong everyone and ((((HUGS)))).

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40 Days clean!! I still crave if I'm not busy doing something! If I don't go to my na meetings I feel guilty but thats because I get so much out of them. My family is behind me all the way. My hubby says I'm alittle more out spoking because I was so numb to very thing before. Congrat to everyone..
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39 Days clean from Hydro's

It has been a battle of the wills, but in the end I always win :) The cravings have already gotten better, the first few weeks I didn't know if I would make it, now I KNOW I will,, That demon can tempt away, because I know how to tell him NO!!!

Great job everyone on your clean time,,, Stay strong and never let the drugs win :) Sobriety is worth the fight,,,
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9 days free from hydros and feelin great. Today is my birthday and it's the best gift I could have given myself.

Get the cravings....but I am beating the demon too :)
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25 days off of opiates, when i get bored i will get cravings but then i find something to take my mins off of it....it's so great being drug free
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339 days off Vicodin

cravings don't come too often anymore. Though I am a bit fearful of the spring season again (tornadoes, severe storms etc) are a trigger for me as I used to be a bigtime Storm Chaser and i get excited when it storms. (I used to chase storms when high on Vics to make it more "fun" )  So with our violent weather season knocking on the door here (im in the northern tip of Tornado Alley), Im a bit nervous but will get through it!
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I have been avoiding posting my clean time on these roll calls because of my relapse....but what the heck....lol

Was 2yrs & 1week clean from Heroin....relapsed for a week.....
Now 3 months clean AGAIN tomorrow (7th) =)
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97 days off oxys...seems like years!!!
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Hmm..not sure how many clean days I have, somerwhere in the 400 range, But I did see I am 89 days away from my due date..lol.
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just 8 days, but hopefully that's the worst 8 days over. Now, if I can just start eating/sleeping...
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One year and seventeen days clean from Suboxone.

I didint really struggle with cravings until last friday,when I had a really strong one.Which really freaked me out but I got busy and it passed.
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Not there yet but I have started a taper plan. I only took 13 pills today and  I was taking 20-30 just a few days ago! I am proud of myself though bcuz I had pills in hand all day and only took the amount I allowed myself on the taper at the correct time! I am taking charge of this disease and it is no longer going to control ME!!!! I know I have a long way to go but I believe I am off to a good start!

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Congrats everyone, it's amazing to see so many people get clean and how good we feel now.

Allicat0117, it sounds like your doing great and will be free soon. It takes a lot of willpower to taper, but with that attitude you will make it:) Keep posting!

Kaelstnyc- Happy Birthday!
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9 months of freedom from opiates...cravings are very rare....thank God!  i feel happy again and i m sleeping wonderfully finally....no more worries bout stupid pills....congrats to everyone on their clean time....maria
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