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At my age will I survive Suboxone withdrawal as I wean down ?

My 1 year (so far) , addiction to Sub, after Detox, started with 4mg. from my Doctor, which I quickly dropped to 2mg. and then to 1.75 mg. Then, within the first month, I moved from L.A. to Denver, and having no Sub Doctor. (Each doc is only allowed 100 patients and they are ALL full) That left the street. So, I am running out and am trying to wean down from 1.75 to 1.50 and I just can't do it w/out sweating, and feeling horrible. I am 60years old, and not sure if I am going to make it out alive. I need help badly. I will try to wean down .10mg every 4 days from 1.75 as I did yesterdat to 1.50 today, and all help broke looses just 12 hours later. ...so I told myself, "ok. I'll do .25 more right now and try again tomorrow. Aaaahhhhh relief came 30 minutes later...... But not great relief..just relief. Not the relief I get when I do the whole 1.75 at 6am as opposed to 1.50 at 6am,  and .25 at 7pm..... Anyway, I need help. I want help. I need help. Please just reading these letters like I have been doing for the last 4 hours helps.......I live in 80247 hipcode . If anyone knows what vitamins or herbs to take besides Kratom, and how to taper .25mg every 4 days with minimum discomfort, until I am down to .25mg, then .125mg, then .87mg, please help me. I just can't do it, and I know I will just run out and be facing a1.75mg Cold mutha griefing Turkey habit.......
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You don't feel each drop until 3-5 days after. You have to taper much slower.
Eat a clean diet of proteins, veggies & fruit. Stay away from caffeine and sugars.
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