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At what point do you feel the come down?

I've been at 90 mg methadone for 15 years and have gotten myself down to 26 within a month and a half without any problem whatsoever.  I'm hoping the last bit will be as easy and the first but I'm not stupid.  I know I'll have to pay the piper at some point!  But I think attitude is helpful so I will continue to think good thoughts.  Wish me luck guys!
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Good luck! I jumped from 30mg methadone 32 days ago. Best choice I have ever made. This forum has been wonderful support.
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Thank you Punk. First - congratulations!  Did you have any major troubles>
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Where the hell is Gnarly when u need him....lol....he knows a lot in regards to methadone.
I believe the jumps from high dose are what's doable....it'd when u start getting under 20 when changes start. However a good attitude is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to succeed at this! He'll be on, I'm sure.....
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My biggest thing was hot/cold freezing goosebumps..
No sleep headaches and .. Restless legs.. If you look a few posts down "really down" is my current thread it shows my struggle ..What honestly helped me the most was I went to work everyday regardless of how I felt. I forced myself to get up and get ready.. That really helped pass the time. Plus I wasn't at home feeling sorry for myself and clock watching..Hot baths/showers with Epsom salt were amazing and a life saver. I also took vitamins and a mag cal zinc vitamin. And eating is huge! Your body will be depleted of everything you must start building your health with good food exercise and vitamins.
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Hi and welcome to the forum.....well your doing ausum getting down form 90 to26 without problems  I went from 150 to 1 in 8 1/2 months  but struggled along the way....one thing that really helps is getting on the right vitamins  methadone depleats your body of key elements and replacing them helps a lot  get up to walmart and pick up a 3 in 1  calcium/magnesum/zinc....start with 4 in the morning and 4 with dinner  in a few days this really cuts down on the amount of withdrawal you will go threw  I only wish I had found it sooner ....going from 90 to 20 is ezer then 20 to 1 it is all about serum level in your blood  the real key here is to go slow it breaks down to the % of drop in the lower doses for instance going from 20 to 15 or 1/4 or 25% ...it may only be a 5mg drop but a 25% decrees your going to feel like you got hit by a truck and as you can see the lower you get the higher % in drop  is a lot more likely  we cannot give out taper advise it is agents the rules but we can give you guidelines  it takes around 36hr to feel the drops  when you drop wait a week or so to give your body time to adjust...if your feeling it wait it out let your body be the final judge in when to go lower...this is a race one by the tortus not the hare...I know your trying to get off this c rap but you must go slow in the last 20mg we will be hear to support you along the way  we have a lot of members who are X methadoinans  just know it is possible to quit  it will be up to you in how fast you try to do this  the withdrawal is manageable but hands down methadone was the hardest drug I ever came off off the 3 things that work into the equasin are your dose....how long you been on it....and your age   I was at 150mg  been on it for almost 7yrs and I was 47 yr old  so the cards where stacked ageist me once you jump ship the detox is 10 days to 2 weeks then the anxiety  the energy crash and lack of sleep almost drove me mad it can take a wile to get over  it was a good 90 days until I seen some hope that I was going to get over it...it is not so much the severity of the withdrawal but how long it takes to get better  as addicts we want it and want it now you just got to be pacent  just know it is possible  those that rush it suffer more so take your time whats a few extra months compared to 15 yr others will post  this forum was priceless wile I detoxed and I dont think I could have made it without the help and support  so post often lissen to the advise and you to can break free of the liquid handcuffs....may God be with you messenger me any time............Gnarly
thank you Gnarly for the vitamin info.  I will get those for sure!  My husband has been doing it like you said.  Waiting a week before moving on and letting his body adjust.  He works so he sweats it out faster than I do.  I have to say I'm a bit scared because I know how I am.  Like you said - as an addict I will want to feel better NOW!  I do want off the merry go round though.  I'm sick of the clinic pulling the strings.  They took away 27 carries because of one celebratory drink.  In a way it was good because its given me the impetus to want to get to the point where I can tell them to shove it.  Thank you all for your support here.  I'm sure it will help.
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Sounds like youre doing great! I also came down fairly quickly from 60mg. Didnt begin detox symptoms until around 8 or 9 mg. Basically id feel ok after my dose but it wowouldnt last long. Half the day at most. Id b in full blown withdrawls by the next morning. I seriously suggest that at 20 mgs you taper slower. A mg every 3 days sounds still fast but gives your body more time to adjust! Please trust me on this. I did my detox way way too fast and had to learn the hard way. Keep up the good work! I wish u the best on this amazing step!!
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