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B 12 Sublingual for energy?

I just got some b12 sub lingual (under toung) for energy?  is it ok in your opinions?  I read on here about vitimin C, Im not going that rout, I take a multi vitimin everyday, would be a shame to down a few vit C cuz somebody says so.
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B vitamins are great! I actually take one every day period.
I recommend the n vitamin complex though which has a bunch of b vitamins in it. The way it works is it only gives you energy if you're deficient in n vitamins, otherwise it's just flushed out. But our bodies (as addicts) have been very depleted through our use. So it should help you.
I recommend buying a good one too like from a health food store, not just your grocery store brand. That's my opinion though. I use RAW from garden life.
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apart from B vitamin shots -...sublingual is the best way to take them so go for it, they are good for the lack of energy, headaches.. just don't take more that the dose recommended
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