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Been clean off opiates 2 years then had wreck needed to relapse (if you will)

I quit hydrocodiens and pretty much every opiate out there on July 7th of 2015. I never relapsed and I lived a great life ( one without drugs)!!! That being said I recently crashed my Harley bike and broke my leg, arm pelvis  and fractured a couple things. I was prescribed Vicodin 10mg and held off on taking them because of my past but didn’t want to tell the doctor of my past (in case of true need). After holding off for almost 3 days since being released from hospital I have taken my first Vicodin and it was truly a hard thing to do.. I feel resentment and just a true sense of failure, though I couldn’t hold out any longer. Has anyone else out there had to go back on opiates after years of being clean? I mean I remember what they can do and my wife is holding on them to them for me but she see’s the pain I’m in and will more than likely be willing to give them to me whenever I’m in need. This may be a rant but I just truly feel so bad for having to relapse on this drug. I’ve built up such a hatred for them and now I’m in need of them, does anyone have any pointers on how I should go about this? Maybe try to skip days of dosing I know the harm they can bring but if the old school’s of this site are still on here I sure would apperciate any advice!!!! Thank you   , Your old pal
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I don’t plan on taking these for very long or at all if I can help it. My wife is holding them to make sure I don’t take more than 1 at a time (given my past). It’s so weird to have to ask these types of questions but is there a proper way of taking these for former addicts. I’m fully aware about what it can do and just taking it everyday can lead right back to addiction and tolerance. Are there any new melodies or drugs out there these days that are less harmful but affective at the time? I’m 26 years old and had my second son 2 months ago and truly prided myself on being a sober person after such long battle with opiate addiction. I got to the point where I didn’t realize I had been clean over 3 years now. I know the objective of this site is to help people get off drugs but I’m in need of some similar stories of ex addicts having to return to drugs for health reasons. I’m pretty much bed ridden at this point which is hard enough being a father of two. So adding addiction in the mix isn’t a option, I can’t let these slip back into my life. So please if Sarah or gnarly whomever are still here, let me know what you think. As you can tell by my long post it’s bothering just feeling a little lost on the topic. Thanks in advance
Welcome back and congratulations on three years being sober. I don't recognize your name so I suppose you  started a new profile. Glad to hear you're out of the hospital and in recovery from your motorcycle accident.
Good job On  giving Your wife your pills. This isn't called a relapse now. If you take them for pain for the shortest amount of time. Taking the pain pills when you are healing is actually  beneficial.
How many pills of 10 mgs did you get prescribed and is there refills?
Rest up and prayers for a speedy recovery.
Hey James, I am six year clean from a murderous hydrocodone addiction myself.

First thing: If you take these pills as presecribed and you stop taking them once you can manage the pain without them, then you did not relapse.

I actually quit a few months after I got my right knee replaced. My left knee has been going downhill for a few years and it’s looking like I will be getting surgery on it in the coming months. I was planning to post here once I have a date more for accountability than anything.

Be transparent with your wife and with yourself. It’s hard to say exactly when you can manage, but you can talk to your doctor about how long people typically need these after injuries like you have. Post on here how you’re doing and when you stop taking them. Keeping secrets and hiding things is addict behavior. Being transparent and honest is clean person behavior. So if you feel yourself not wanting to post here or tell your support what you’re thinking or feeling about pills, then you know you’re headed down the wrong path.
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I was curious if you told your doctor about your addiction?  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this.  I understand your predicament but as an addict we don’t always know what’s best.
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Everything will be okay.
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My daughter’s fiancée had 2 yrs clean from heroin, and then he had a tooth abscess which was very painful. He didn’t disclose his past addiction and was prescribed Norco. Unlike you, he didn’t have my daughter hold the pills, which would have been the wise thing to do. Long story short, it took about 2 weeks for him to be back on heroin, and he overdosed and nearly died in my home.

Addict or not, life goes on and sometimes painful things happen...and there is a place for pain medications in treating pain. You are smart to let your wife hold the pills and, as stated above, be honest with her...if you feel yourself starting to have a problem, say something. More importantly, be honest with yourself if those old feelings start popping up. If you do those things and use them as prescribed, only for as long as needed, you should be fine.

I hope you heal quickly - take care!
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