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Begining day 5

Well i got up this morning feeling the best  have felt in days, but i do not want to be premature due to i did the smae yesturday got up feeling good then had real bad spells but so far so good
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I am proud of you...I only wish I was on day 5...I am just on day 1.  Keep up the good path.
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I'm glad you're having a good day today. Today is when you will notice a big difference in the physical symptoms. You may still have bad spells but you will get a little better each day.
Good luck to you and keep posting!!
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cm, you are about to turn the corner...congrats on hanging on.
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YOU're almost to the end of the tunnel...congrats on day 5...keep going!!!!
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Keep moving forward...looks like your gonna make it
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I have been on this for four years and finally I have to get off, I have for the last month tapered my use, Im know down to three a day and let me tell you I was in sever withdrawls last night very tried bendryal and advil and also Im going to triy taurine, I cant wait to be off of this stuff ! it was really not a good thing to be on, I started living on it and only could function being on it but I will conquer it for sure ! ***@**** if you have any sugestions !
thank you
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  You are doing great, glad to hear its getting easier! Stay strong.
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WOW im on day 5 today without any "devil" pill TRAMODOL!!!! It is just gonna start getting better for you now... I have been on tramodol for the past 5 years straight, stopping my use of 35-40 a day on sunday... Yes cold turkey!!! Everything is slowly starting to get better!!! You will as well!!! HANG IN THERE.... LIFE IS ABOUT TO TRULY GET AMAZING AGAIN:))) GREAT JOB
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Sorry that post was meant for you:))
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this is an old thread. if you want to ask a question or start a discussion go to the top of this page and click post a question then you will have your own thread and will get the answers and help you need.
God bless you
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